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It was a good week for reading between the lines: Is that guy across the table scratching his nose, or doing something else? What does Ben's cast mean on Lost? And what to make of it when you wake up, feeling sticky, with a body you don't recognize? Please enjoy our Top Moments, figuring-it-out edition and send suggestions for next week to 9. Best Musical Cue: The conversation during Sylar and Luke's Heroes road trip gets a bit more intense than the average game of "Name that License Plate," as Sylar admits his lethal proclivities, then turns on the radio - to play Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." (Sing along at our Online Video Guide.) 8. Closest Bird Watching: Lie to Me 's Cal Lightman explains that sometimes an itch isn't just an itch - particularly when it's with your middle finger. Trying to explain the motivation behind a suspect's gesture, Lightman turns to real-world images of then-Sen. Barack Obama and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld scratching their faces - and perhaps venting their true feelings. 7. Happiest Surprise Return: With her husband on his way to the hospital, 24 's President Taylor reaches out to her estranged daughter. But who can she trust to transport the young woman safely? Enter Secret Service hero Aaron Peirce, asking her to come with him. 6. Giddiest Handoff: In his zillionth Saturday Night Live monologue, Alec Baldwin thanks Christian Bale for replacing him as the poster boy of celebrity eruptions. This doesn't excuse the sketch about Sir Mix-a-Lot's photo shop, but funny stuff nonetheless. 5. Coolest Recovery: Ellen Tighe, fifth of Battlestar Galactica 's final Cyclons, emerges from a vat of goo to find her consciousness downloaded into a new body. Actress Kate Vernon beautifully conveys Tighe's confusion, panic, and prompt acknowledgment and acceptance of her new life. Time to get peacemaking. 4. Worst Moment: Real life somehow edges out Nip/Tuck for the grisliest thing on TV this week, as 200-pound chimp Travis, star of Coca-Cola and Old Navy commercials, mauls a woman in Connecticut. In a widely played 911 recording, the chimp's frantic owner pleads for police to kill the animal she raised as her child: "Send the police up, with a gun! He's killing my friend - my chimpanzee. ... He ripped her face off!" Ugh. 3. Longest Goodbye: Trying to stretch three dates, some pretty scenery and a rose ceremony across two hours, The Bachelor has Jason spend what feels like an eternity sending Jillian back to real life. You want different things in a relationship when you're 90 than you do when you're young, she says. If they'd stretched this out any longer we could have found out. 2. Are-You-Okay Award: After preaching Jack a sermon on Doubting Thomas, Lost 's Ben leaves the church to tie up a loose end with an old friend. But when we next see him, he's soaked, bloody and using a payphone at a marina. Where they have boats like the one Desmond, baby Charlie, and Penny - the woman Ben is out to kill - just took to L.A. Uh, who's blood is that? (Try to guess at our Online Video Guide.) 1. Best Tension You Could Cut with a ... Scalpel: Not even ABC's pervasive promos could undercut the edge-of-your-sofa drama when Grey's Anatomy 's Derek and Addison reach a detente over whether to try to save a pregnant woman or ensure the survival of her baby. "Put your scalpel down," each demands of the other. Ultimately, Derek's derring-do does him in. Source here

Ratings: Chuck Spies a Series Low - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET House dipped a bit yet still topped the hour with 14 million total viewers. Placing second, The Bachelor (12.5 mil) courted 15 percent more viewers than a week ago. Chuck came in fourth (behind CBS sitcom repeats) with 6.75 million viewers - a 19 percent plunge from its 3-D showcase, a 600K drop from its most recent 2-D outing, and the series' lowest rating ever for a fresh eppy. * 9 pm 24 gained six percent and added viewers across the hour, averaging 11.16 mil. Leading out of a Two and a Half Men rerun, Worst Week 's finale managed 8.7 mil (down 13 percent). Heroes sagged a bit, to 7.74 mil. * 10 pm Opposite a warmed-over CSI: Miami , Medium (8.94 million viewers) super-sized its audience by 13 percent, while True Beauty (7.04 mil) added 220K to its last Monday outing. Source here

24: Aaron Pierce Returns, Obviously With A Few Changes

This guy's resilient, isn't he? Agent Aaron Pierce, that guy. He's been on 24 since the beginning. He's been on 24 from the second season, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth. And he's returning on the seventh - to be precise, in tonight's episode, which airs at 9pm on Fox. Unlike most of the show's main characters - with the exception, of course, of Jack Bauer - he's been around for all of the seasons, just staying in the background, or at least that's how I see it. Glenn Morshower may have taken a role on the NBC drama Friday Night Lights , but he still takes the time to crop up on the acclaimed Fox drama. It's a possibility that he didn't expect would happen, considering the fast-paced - and cut-throat - nature of the show. I read for the second episode in season one, and all I knew was it would be a two-episode guarantee, he said. All they wanted me to do was be the guy that looks official enough to walk President Palmer someplace and protect him. But that guy who looks official enough has attracted the attention of producers, enough to make him a reliable character to return to when times require it. Glenn's talent is in being able to project that solidity and trustworthiness, show producer Evan Katz said. He's able to be that stolid guy you want to hide behind. Morshower attributes it to his Texan accent and his upbringing. When my dad got out of the Navy, he never really got out of it, he said. At oh-seven-hundred' every morning, my alarm clock was, Up and at - em! Hit that deck!''' Tonight, after being a confidant of David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) and the lover of Martha Logan (Jean Smart), he's back to the White House, escorting a relative of current President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones). And viewers might notice something different with Agent Pierce, especially considering the events of the last season. He couldn't put it much simpler: All I can tell you is that on Monday night, you'll notice a profound absence of a wedding ring on my finger. Source here

Interview With Sprague Grayden Talking 24 - Featured

Sprague talks about her upcoming role on 24. 24 Interview with Sprague Grayden Photo Credit : FOX

Ratings: Big Bangers Say, "Thank You, Mr. President!"

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET President Barack Obama's first prime-time news conference was watched by 37 million viewers across the Big Four networks. The only odd part: When Thirteen showed up to discuss national health care. * 9 pm CBS comedies dominated, with Two and a Half Men leading the way with 14.88 million viewers. Playing the role of lead-out this week, The Big Bang Theory enjoyed a new (if inflated) all-time high of 13.1 million. The Bachelor (averaging 10.88 mil from 9 to 11 pm) placed second, with 24 (10.5 mil, down 800K) following close behind. Heroes (7.9 mil) dropped 560 thou from the "Fugitives" premiere. * 10 pm CSI: Miami copped the top spot with 13.7 million viewers (down 14 percent week-to-week). Losing out to the second hour of the Bach', Medium (7.93 mil) slipped 600K. Source here

Preview of ''24'' 7.06: '01.00 - 02.00 P.M.'

Next Monday, January 26 in " 24 ", Jack Bauer will be caught in a hostage situation where he becomes the one under gun point. On the seventh day and between the hour "1:00 - 2:00 P.M.", Jack stops at nothing when everything is on the line. As Dubaku presses President Taylor to comply with his devilish demands, she contemplates if the administration should negotiate to avert a disastrous terror attack. Meanwhile, away from the White House and the threatening international crisis, the determined First Gentleman struggles with his ongoing domestic mission, and perilous FBI Agent Walker diverts the attention of her tense colleagues. With national security on the line, Jack Bauer has a formidable plan in hopes of shielding the country. Executive producer Howard Gordon recently talked to E! Online, revealing that there's one more season in plan before the show moves on with a big screen version. "My hope is to go after the eighth season and Kiefer Sutherland and I have talked about it, and I think that's sort of what we're aiming for," he said. For Preview click here's Top 10 TV Moments of the Week - Featured

TV came roaring back this week, with a brand-new American Idol and the start of 24 . And they were both entertaining and everything, but did everybody catch that flat-out miracle in New York City? Or two rather high-profile goodbyes? Relive and discuss them all in our Top Moments . 10. Most Secure Heterosexuals: On TruTV's The Principal's Office, two 17-year-old guys are called in for a lecture about dancing too close with girls at a school event. Pushing the issue - and proving their total lack of gay panic - they test out a series of touches and embraces to see which ones are okay. It all feels very Borat-like. 9. Best Return(s) of Favorite Character(s): In 24 's two-night, four-hour (and fast-paced, return-to-form) season opener, we're treated first to the return of Tony, then Bill, and then all-time fan favorite Chloe. So are they bad guys or good guys? We don't know, and we don't care. We're just glad they're all back after a too-long hiatus. 8. Most Awkward Moment: Ryan Seacrest forgets that one of the main things about being blind is not being able to see. When a visually impaired contestant makes it to Hollywood, Seacrest offers him a high-five, then remembers to explain what he's trying to do. Watching it, we kind of regretted out own ability to see. 7. Best Fringe Science: Today interviews the parents of a 3-month-old boy who recovered after doctors found a foot - with toes - inside the newborn's brain tumor. Experts say it would stop any brain surgeon in his or her tracks. Wait, were they making a foot joke? 6. Dumb-but-Funny Award: On Saturday Night Live , Neil Patrick Harris hosts a talk show devoted to stars with two first names. Fred Armisen gets to play David Lee Roth, Abby Elliott turns up as Jamie-Lynn Spears, and Michaela Watkins does her best impersonation of former Old Christine colleague Julia Louis-Dreyfus - until she admits she has two last names. 5. Biggest Blowup: Usually the more sensitive of the The Biggest Loser trainers, Bob Harper loses it when contestant Joelle gives up on the treadmill, erupting into a flurry of F-word-laced demands. His explanation? "I was possessed by Jillian Michaels this week." 4. Most Em-bare-ass-ing Moment: Julia catches Nip/Tuck 's Sean naked and standing upright - sans wheelchair - but misses seeing him in the diaper provided by a baby fetishist. Man, what a weird show this is. But get it? Em-bare-assing? 3. Worst Partner: Patrick Swayze welcomes his new FBI partner on The Beast by shooting him, letting a drunk pin him down, and shoving him against a car. But how good is it to see Swayze in ass-kicking mode? 2. Best Departure: CSI 's crew helps solve the grisly case of a serial killer, because, as Nick puts it, "it feels like Grissom's last big game and I want to win it for him." With a CSI (Laurence Fishburne) handpicked to join the team, Grissom leaves the lab with just a nod to Catherine Willows. But where's he going with such peaceful confidence? To the thick vegetation of a Costa Rican rain forest - and the arms of a smiling Sara Sidle. A kiss. (Oh, and on the same night, President Bush says goodbye to the nation, too.) 1. Best Made-For-Hollywood Breaking News: We're amazed that everyone aboard survived the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane crash. Of course, those of us who are entertainment-obsessed immediately started taking stock of the story's Hollywood-y elements: The hero pilot with nerves of steel. The happy ending that calls out for a John Williams score. And don't forget... the similarities with Lost ... Read more:'s Top Moments of the Week Photo courtesy of

Kiefer Sutherland's final 24 hours?

Hit TV thriller 24 is to end. Producers of the show, in which Kiefer plays counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, have decided the eighth series of the show will be the last. Kiefer Sutherland has also warned fans that Bauer's exit is not likely to be a happy one. He said: "I see Jack as a really human figure and there is something innately tragic about people. I think there is no winning. We're all going to die." Although the show will end, bosses are keen to make a film version after the series' conclusion. The show's producer Howard Gordon said: "I don't know what will happen with the show. I take it one day at a time. But I think we're in agreement with Fox, who make ' 24 ', that the only way we're going to do a film is after the show's over. I don't think a big-screen '24' works while Jack is on TV." Source here

Talking Torture With the Casts of 24, Lie to Me

Is Jack Bauer saying goodbye to the days of breaking bad guys' fingers? Over the last eight years, the 24 hero has represented - some would say encouraged - the kinds of harsh interrogation techniques permitted during the Bush Administration. Just Wednesday, the Washington Post reported the torture of a man suspected of planning the 9/11 attacks. But with a new administration comes new policies, and another Fox show, Lie to Me , makes the case for interrogations free of physical force. The show - which happens to debut Jan. 21, the day after Barack Obama's inauguration - stresses lie detection techniques pioneered by Dr. Paul Ekman. "He's talked to a lot of interrogators, a lot of guys who have used his methods," Brendan Hines, one of the show's stars. "They say almost overwhelmingly that the way to do it is to establish a rapport, to find out motivations for why people are behaving in a certain way, and to get at the truth that way. They say most of the time any sort of forced confession leads more often than not to false information." Ekman's techniques include reading raised eyebrowns, downturned mouths, and other facial expressions or body language to detect emotions at odds with people's words. Of course, harsh interrogations have their defenders - including Jon Voight, an addition to the 24 cast this season. "Let's talk about waterboarding. It's something that scares the pants off of people but it keeps them alive. It doesn't kill them," Voigt said. "If there's such a thing as that, I'm for it. If even 10 percent ... can give us information that will save lives, I'm for it. A 2007 New Yorker story said military officials have met with 24 executives to air their concerns that torture on the show undermines the training of real U.S. soldiers. Bauer has resorted to mock executions, beatings, and breaking bones to make suspects talk. Actor Carlos Bernard said the show isn't to blame for real-life behavior. "I think there are certain people in the world that are influenced by the wind, and there's nothing you can do about them," he said. On Tuesday, Kiefer Sutherland stressed at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that torture is "simply used as a dramatic device" on 24 and that the show doesn't endorse it any more than it endorses killing your boss, which Bauer has also done. He said the show will add to the debate this season. "It was never meant as some kind of validating this kind of behavior in the real world," he said. "But as this became an issue for this country in the real world, to bring that debate throughout the course of these 24 episodes I thought was a really important thing to do." What do you think? Do Bauer-like techniques have any place in interrogations? What about the Lie to Me techniques? Source here

Preview of '24' 7.05: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Fed up with the federation and bureaucracy, Jack Bauer takes matters into his own hands in the next '24'. Read more.