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24 Season Two: The Musical

Missing your 24 ? If you recall, it won't be returning until 2009. Luckily, Jon and Al Kaplan have taken what is arguably the worst season of 24 - Season 2 that is - and turned it into something entirely new and awesome...a musical! The two also apparently created "Silence! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical". Some song selections (and all of the songs can be listened to here ) include "Dammit! (The Longest Day of My Life)", "I Will Torture You" and "Three Countries in the Middle East". Check them out...they're pretty funny!

24 Prequel Casting

Shooting is starting soon, so the 24 prequel movie - set to air this November - is doing some casting. Robert Carlyle ( The Full Monty ), Gil Bellows ( Ally McBeal ), Eric Lively ( The L Word , brother of Blake) and Tony Todd ( Chuck ) have all joined the cast. Source: TV Guide

24 Gets a Launch Date

I hope the writing team is ready for this season as I haven't watched since season 3 or 4 due to horrid writing. Read more here Photo courtesy of

Prequel to air November 23

The 24 2-hour prequel movie officially has an air date now (announced today at the FOX upfronts) - November 23 at 8PM! Jack will - as previously announced - be battling a crisis in South Africa (shot on location) taking place a few days before the events of Day 7 (to air in January 2009). Source: TV Squad

24 Prequel Details: Jack Goes to Africa

It's been so long since we have gotten a Jack Bauer fix that I am starting to go through some serious withdrawal. Though we will have to wait until 2009 for Season 7 of 24 , you may have already heard that to tide us over we'll be getting a 2-hour Season 7 prequel movie airing in the fall. Some more details have finally merged surrounding this movie. Check them out here !

Season 7 Cast Photo is now available

Check it out here ! After reading muffinman's comment, I realize that I should note that this photo is potentially spoilerific!

24 Season 7 Prequel

Will the prequel that is airing on fox to update everyone on what has happened between season 6 and 7 be uploaded onto here? Just wondering if anyone is planning on doing it as i will have to find an alternate way of seeing it now as i live in the UK so will have to sort out a way to watch it. Cheers everyone.