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24 Prequel Casting

Shooting is starting soon, so the 24 prequel movie - set to air this November - is doing some casting. Robert Carlyle ( The Full Monty ), Gil Bellows ( Ally McBeal ), Eric Lively ( The L Word , brother of Blake) and Tony Todd ( Chuck ) have all joined the cast. Source: TV Guide

24 Gets a Launch Date

I hope the writing team is ready for this season as I haven't watched since season 3 or 4 due to horrid writing. Read more here Photo courtesy of

Prequel to air November 23

The 24 2-hour prequel movie officially has an air date now (announced today at the FOX upfronts) - November 23 at 8PM! Jack will - as previously announced - be battling a crisis in South Africa (shot on location) taking place a few days before the events of Day 7 (to air in January 2009). Source: TV Squad

24 Prequel Details: Jack Goes to Africa

It's been so long since we have gotten a Jack Bauer fix that I am starting to go through some serious withdrawal. Though we will have to wait until 2009 for Season 7 of 24 , you may have already heard that to tide us over we'll be getting a 2-hour Season 7 prequel movie airing in the fall. Some more details have finally merged surrounding this movie. Check them out here !

Season 7 Cast Photo is now available

Check it out here ! After reading muffinman's comment, I realize that I should note that this photo is potentially spoilerific!

24 Season 7 Prequel

Will the prequel that is airing on fox to update everyone on what has happened between season 6 and 7 be uploaded onto here? Just wondering if anyone is planning on doing it as i will have to find an alternate way of seeing it now as i live in the UK so will have to sort out a way to watch it. Cheers everyone.