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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Season 1

Jack realizes that Ellis is probably dead on the other end of the phone. He gets a list of possible assissins from Milo and recognizes Alexis Drazen as the son of a man that he killed in a mission sanctioned by David Palmer. Elizabeth Nash, one of David's staff members, recognizes Alexis as her lover and immediately is willing to give any information she can regarding him. She is brought to CTU, where she is convinced to try to put a tracking device on him. Jack realizes that his clearance has been downgraded, and he asks Milo to keep an eye open for him as he suspects there may be at least one more mole at CTU. Teri and Kim are at the safehouse, where Nina questions them about the day. Kim is unwilling to give much negative information regarding Rick. Teri, recognizing finally that Nina is the woman that Jack had an affair with during a separation period, is less willing to cooperate with her questions. Nina finally relieves herself of the post at the safehouse and returns to CTU. A new agent begins questioning Teri, but soon the safehouse comes under attack. Teri and Kim escape, but during the escape, their car goes over a cliff and explodes. Teri believes that the car still contained Kim and goes into shock. Kim attempts to find her mother unsuccessfully. Keith is upset that more is not being done about Carl's involvement in his therapist's death. Keith decides to confront Carl and meets with him in a park. Carl admits to Keith that he had planted evidence at the fire of his therapist's office that would tie him back to the fire. After Carl leaves, Keith reveals that he had recorded the entire conversation.