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5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Season 1

Jack heads to the meeting point to make the exchange with the man in the red baseball cap. Jack attempts to find out information about his family, but no one tells him that they are missing. He tries to call them but is unable to reach them. Jack get set up for the exchange, and one of the members of the support team begins taunting Jack because of Jack's previous busting of his partner for stealing money, and after the bust his partner killed himself. Mason steps in to calm the situation. After the exchange occurs, Jack learns that he is to shut the power off at a certain power grid at 7:30. The man gets suspicious and runs, and is shot by the support team, despite Jack's insistence that they needed him alive. Phil tells Teri that they had a relationship while she and Jack were separated, and that he wanted to move forward with the relationship but that she wanted to reconcile with her husband. He wants to take her to the hospital to help her regain her memory, but she instead will only agree to an examine there. She finally convinces him to take her home, where one of the killers from the safehouse is waiting, having killed the CTU guard. Meanwhile, Kim is making as many calls as possible trying to find her mother. She decides to leave Rick's house when Dan's brother Frank arrives, and is looking for Dan and the money that they were supposed to make from Gaines. Frank has a drug deal that is supposed to go down shortly. Kim is not allowed to leave. Rick has not told anyone that Dan is dead, and has no good answers to give. David reveals the tape of Carl to Mike and Sherry. Both of them suggest keeping quiet with the tape for the time being. Keith is anxious to get the information out in the open, and David discusses the fact that it will be a big deal once released. David has the tape locked in a safe, and Sherry gets into the safe and destroys it. David catches her and admits to putting a fake tape in the safe to see what would happen, and Sherry says she will do anything to protect the family. David is very upset with her and decides to hold a press conference within the hour.