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24: Season 1 Epsidoe 19: "6:00 PM - 7:00 PM"

Jack and Mason gather information regarding where the power was to be turned off by their contact. David sends over the missing Drazen file and they realize that there is an address in the file that is located in the area of the power grid. Mason and Jack head to that location. Nina realizes it is in the middle of a wildlife reserve. However, there is not any visible wildlife there. A helicopter flies by and it seems as though they are being watched. Teri and Phil are at the house and the alarm goes off because Teri cannot remember the code or password. The security who shows up realizes that this is her house because of all of the pictures of her. They are continued to be watched by the assassin. Teri looks for clues to remind her of her life but without success. Phil has a friend come by with a gun, hoping to add some protection for them. However, the assassin comes in and kills both Phil and the friend. Tony arrives in time to save Teri, and she remembers that she believed Kim to be killed in a car explosion. Kim is with Rick as Frank prepares for his drug deal. Kim lets it slip that Dan is not returning, and Rick admits that he is dead. Frank is very upset because he will not have the money for his drug deal. Frank decides he will just rob the drug suppliers. He attempts to steal the drugs, but the dealers get the upper hand, and they reveal themselves as undercover cops. The SWAT team arrives and arrests all of them. Sherry continues to be upset at David and Keith for wanting to come clean with the entire story about Carl's crimes. David goes ahead with the press conference, and turns over the evidence to the D.A. David asks that people still vote for him and promises to continue to do the right thing for them if he is elected. Keith and David grow closer through this as David and Sherry grow further apart.