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The way things stand, it's getting a little too tight for the government on 24 . Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is being framed for the murder of Senator Mayer, although they're finally getting to their senses by slowly realizing that someone else was in the scene of the crime. Starkwood is getting slightly more comfortable by wheeling in that biological weapon, making Jonas Hodges (Jon Vought) a little more smug, or a stronger antagonist overall -well, if you got someone like him, make the most out of it, before the inevitable on-screen death. To make things worse - although it is to be expected at this stage of the season - the seemingly one-size-fits-all solution that was hatched to get things working failed. The attempt to get the truck containing Starkwood's biological weapon away from implementation was stopped, and in a fairly dramatic fashion, Jack announces that they have proof of the weapon's existence: he's exposed. He's exposed! Then again, what exactly does he mean with exposure? Or was he exposed to the actual deadly agent in the first place? We've seen quite a handful of deaths because of anything biological -that nerve gas attack on Day 5, for example, that gave us some of the most painful 24 deaths we've seen - but, as expected, Jack's not affected in any way. But duh. But I'm expecting that it will come to haunt him within the next few hours. Perhaps he'll end up turning to Tony (Bernard Carlos) and yeah, plot twist, you know the drill. Definitely, it will kick in. On tonight's 24, everybody involved in eliminating the threat is forced to reassess things. What was once just a foreign government taking things to their own hands has become so much more, and with a biological weapon being airlifted to somewhere in America, there's no choice but to pull back and move forward at the same time. The FBI has to reach out to other agencies, and they should, quickly so, before we all fall down without us knowing it. 24 returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. Source here