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24: Season 8, Episode 7 'Day 8: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM' Review

I am certain the correct security measures could have been placed, to ensure Renee didn't flip as far off as she did; gutting Vladimir times over until he suffered his death, then springing the last plunge in Jack. What was Hastings thinking having Renee invest her life into a dangerous project like that again? He refrained from officially evaluating her capacity to get the job done efficiently without any mishap. I can tell you one thing, Renee's slip is on Hastings' tab. Jack tried to warn him several times of her condition and he just 'took it under consideration', which is all he seems to be doing lately. Hastings is not capable handling his 'head' tasks, he seems to be flawed, lacking the necessary leadership skills. He should have taken full responsibility over Renee, other than leave her to hang for the dogs and ripped apart. Jack knew Renee on a close level, it was Hastings' job to listen to him and develop a plan B. Hastings was well willing to have Renee take a bullet and have some slim-ball roll over her for the sake of results, without any sense of remorse or empathy. Vladimir on the other end of things came off as a pathetic business man. Did he truly believe calling around for the nuclear rods wouldn't wave some red flags. Bazhaev is obviously not a foolish man; having nuclear rods on US soil was incriminating to admit, would he truly admit it over the phone an make an actual deal. I believe that some kind of language code should have been implemented to make that scene more believable or to even add a sense of credibility that Vladimir wasn't that foolish. "Oh Vladimir, my friend I have the nuclear rods just tell me when and where, oh and no cops!". Even CTU should have come up with a better plan to prove their competence in doing their jobs. They cannot even notice a defective employee. Dana Walsh gets away with too many things, given her tight job criteria. How is she able to hack into a camera feed and develop an access card for her ex in under an hour or so. I actually believed that Nick, Kevin's friend, was some sort of terrorist and deliberately knew of the location Walsh would send them to get something else other than money. I actually pictured Nick pulling the trigger on Kevin and leaving with what he wanted. I guess that was far-fetched, put I pegged Nick for the nut job he turned out to be. I felt sympathy for the security guard being stomped on like a piece of garbage by a crazy Nick. Where did Kevin pick him up anyway? Walsh should have done a background check on Kevin's friend. She is the one in control of everything, if she were to have Kevin trapped in a situation he could not get out of, no one would believe anything he had to say, and she would have all the cards. So what is Walsh truly afraid of, and why wouldn't she talk to her fiancee about it (besides the fact that he is on a hostile mission), Walsh needs to talk to someone, even if it is the flirtatious Arlo Glass. Everyone keeps giving Walsh the side eye, so why doesn't someone do something about her inefficiencies? Something obviously has her distracted. Glass believes that Walsh is having some sort of a fling, but does that really look like her meeting a lover, or her conferring with someone who is bad news, because they didn't cross that 'line' of infidelity. Glass should be the one crazy enough to run a facial recognition to see the identity of Walsh's love mate. Nothing is really being done there, and I was even surprised that Chloe wasn't curious enough to blurt out a 'so why have you been acting so weird?' That sounded like a typical Chloe awkward question, not so? Where has that Chloe gone, we only got a taste of her in the beginning with her standing up to Hastings, and that's about it. My only concern now is Jack and what Bazhaev's men are thinking of doing with him. Jack is in serious danger and I am certain CTU could get some satellite glimpse as to where Jack was taken after her left Vladimir's hide-out. Everyone seems to be dying spontaneously and I would prefer for the death toll to be steady for a while. I actually fear that CTU would start thinking that Renee went crazy killing everyone, hiding Jack in the process. Ortiz looked at Renee as tough she had a mental breakdown; like she was asking where Jack was, as if she didn't know herself. What's next? I believe CTU would find some way to get in touch with Jack and Renee would be placed under suspicion. President Hassan apparently is the one having the screws loose lately and I believe his wall will crumble, the more strict and erratic his decisions become. His daughter holds him in high opinion, but her relationship with Tarin Faroush could set her apart from him. I still look forward to discovering whatever happened to Olivia (the President's daughter) and the President's ex husband. That situation would be an interesting one to focus on. Tony would also be an interesting topic, but his topic should be approached with caution, for fear of him coming off as too cliched. These past two hours for me have been slow. A few twists and exciting turns, but not much development have been revealed, so I am hoping tat Jack could contribute to enlightening that. Poor Jack, wasn't he supposed to be with his family all now? It's sad the life he has to live, especially being exposed to hostile situations more than he should be. I am surprised that Jack survived after the plunge in the gut, that probably came off a a paper cut on his finger, compared to the more dangerous wounds he endured in his lifetime. Jack should be given an award for the risks he faced for his country. I have no idea how he could afford undercover operations, wouldn't someone recognize him overtime? The amount of identities he established could cost him an operation some day. "Hey Jacko, is that you?" then to have the operation blow over "I thought no one ever heard of you, the deals off". Lexa _____________________ Four and a half Stars Grade B+ _____________________

24 Season 8, Episode 7: ''Day 8: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM'' Review

Yet again an hour of underwhelming storylines and increasingly annoying characters is saved, thanks to the unpredictability of Annie Wersching's Renee Walker. President Omar Hassan continues to be completely different than when we originally met him, Kevin and Nick predictably screw up their police evidence warehouse heist, and Sergei Bazhaev talks to some people. If it wasn't for Renee's use of a knife this episode, it would have been better if the characters had gone to bed early for the night. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Dana/Jenny (a.k.a. Denny). Her storyline could have gone two ways: she could have set up a situation where Kevin and Nick would get killed while doing a heist, removing them as a threat; or she could naively think they could successfully pull off a heist and not put her job and life in even more in danger than they already are. The 24 writers decided to go the latter route, and we had to watch Kevin -- who apparently is smart enough to track Denny down under her new identity -- bumble around looking for the correctly numbered storage area and fail to convince his even stupider partner that they need to leave so they don't get caught. It was all painful to watch, and achieved a new level of annoyance when Nick pretended to hold Kevin at gunpoint with a water pistol, demanding Kevin turns over the money -- when the duo was supposed to leave the warehouse 20 minutes earlier. I wish Katee Sackhoff wasn't Denny; she's a much better actress than this role calls for, and if Denny was played by someone who was less of a big name I'd be able to hold out more hope that this character will go away early. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

24 Review: "10:00 PM - 11:00 PM" Season 8, Episode 7

The following review takes place between 6:51 a.m. and 7:13 a.m. Words are written in real time... This was one of the weaker episodes of season nine. For starters, far too much time was dedicated to Dana's weak B storyline. Granted, any number of seconds is really too much to spend on yet another example of how terrible a screening process CTU has for its employees, but the 10 p.m. hour actually went to commercial twice on this development. The suspense of the ticking clock doesn't exactly build when the only thing at stake is Dana's job. The show really needs to end this storyline or somehow tie it into the bigger picture, and soon. How many more weeks does it plan on going with everyone at CTU - Hastings, Chloe and Arlo - wondering why Dana is so distracted? As for Renee, we'd have wagered a month's salary on her murdering Vladimir at some point, so at least 24 didn't drag out this obvious development for too long. We also didn't see her stabbing of Jack coming, so that made for a nice surprise. His recoery didn't, of course. It's gonna take more than one knife wound to keep Jack Bauer down! It doesn't get much better than watching him remove a knife from his own body and fling it directly into the neck of a terrorist across the room. To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

24 8.7: "Day 8: 10PM - 11PM"

This season is becoming a study in contrasts. The season arc started a bit weak, mostly due to the inexplicable choice in subplots. While Jack’s plot thread has been predictably strong, with plenty of layers to keep the audience happy, the remaining plot threads have been oddly mediocre or just plain horrible. It’s good to see the writing staff planning things out ahead of time, as they did in the seventh season, but it doesn’t matter much if the plans aren’t particularly good. Credit should be given to the evolution of the Jack/Renee storyline. Given the violent history between Vladimir and Renee, things were never going to end well. The extent of Renee’s outburst, however, was a wonder to behold. When a knife to the eye socket is just the beginning of retribution, that’s saying something. And Jack’s lucky that she didn’t aim a bit higher with that knife. That gut wound is nasty enough as it is. (Though it must be noted that Jack is still badass enough to pull a knife out of his gut and throw it into someone else’s throat with barely a hint of hesitation!) On the other hand, it’s easy to see why Jack took the soft approach with Renee. Intentional or not, this is a good sign for Renee. Considering her established deathwish, she could have let Vladimir beat her to death. Instead, she unleashed hell on him. Deep down, Renee wants to live, and that’s something that Jack (and others) can use to help her find herself again. Of course, without Jack to mitigate Director Hastings’ inevitable overreaction to the evidence at hand, things are likely to get worse before they get better. And that’s why this main plot thread continues to work so well. It’s not just about mindless action. The characters are operating out of a clear set of psychological motivations. Renee’s issues, as the reflection of Jack’s own experiences, carry more than enough weight to add tension to the mission. Hopefully the writers won’t sideline her character with this latest plot twist. As for the rest of the episode, it’s clear that the writers are slowly but surely intending to build to something, but it’s not clear if it will actually justify the time now being spent. There is some hope that the subplot of President Hassan’s crackdown will go somewhere, and perhaps take a darker turn than many fans would anticipate. It would be interesting to see how the writers might avoid turning Hassan into a stereotype, which is a distinct possibility at this point. On the other hand, some fans complained that the seventh season was all about pushing a liberal agenda, denouncing torture and other extreme methods in counter-terrorism. Many of those criticisms were unfounded; the point was to justify those methods within the context of the “24” state of play. Still, some wanted the show’s early conservative slant to continue unabated, with no positive consideration of alternative political perspectives. (Anyone caring to dispute the conservative leanings of earlier seasons should listen to the commentaries and interviews on the DVD sets; it was hardly a secret.) The portrayal of President Hassan could also be a thinly-veined commentary on policies of appeasement with hostile Middle Eastern governments. Hassan’s initial sympathetic portrayal might have been meant to demonstrate how well dictators can hide their true stripes. While that would satisfy those who have no interest in any positive portrayal of Middle Eastern Islamic leaders (or anyone Arabic or following the Islamic faith, for that matter), it would be far more interesting to show how the sins and attitudes of the past can derail the best of intentions to find a new path. And if the purpose of the season arc is to demonstrate how the sins of the past may be rectified or redeemed, Hassan’s current crackdown could give way to an earnest desire to make amends. The same thing is true for Sergei and his son, and how it all comes down to doing horrible things in the name of trying to make things better for the next generation. The end result is just a perpetuation of the cycle, as the consequences fall on the shoulders of those meant to receive only the benefits. The problem is that while the thematic touches are there, it’s just not all that engaging yet. In contrast, Dana’s subplot hasn’t worked since the moment it began, and it’s getting more and more annoying over time. At least Hassan’s subplot is likely to intersect with the investigation in to the nuclear materials relatively soon, just by its nature. Dana’s subplot doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than to undermine the CTU side of the investigation. Which, realistically, is sometimes a necessary plot device, but when the subplot is boring and wastes the talents of a good actress in the process, it’s infuriating. One can only hope that these various plot threads will amount to something beyond their common thematic purpose. It was clear when Fahrad mentioned that the materials would arrive in about five hours that it was designed to give the writers time to move around the pieces on the board. Hopefully that means that the status quo will shift enough, and soon enough, to move the season to the next level.

24 "Day 8: 10:00pm - 11:00pm" Review Season 8, Episode 7

WHEEE VIOLENCE! Ahem. Side effects of sluggish pacing may include an increased sensitivity to stabbings and Bauer Badassery. But seriously - Renee going batshit on Vlad (she impaled him in the EYE!) and then accidentally stabbing Jack, who in turn yanked the knife out of his stomach and flung it into the jugular of an approaching baddie? All kinds of awesome. For a glorious ten minutes, I was pretty damned happy. As far as the other fifty minutes go, there was a bit more progress this week, but it doesn't look like things will really pick up until next Monday (judging by the previews). Le sigh. LeoLite got into the evidence locker or whatever and barely escaped with his loot and Dana - zzzzzz. I mean, yeah. Still useless. Still unconnected to the main arc. Well, I suppose it could be connected in the sense that this lovely little diversion is distracting Dana from, you know, actually doing her JOB. The tension! It's killing me! What stupid thing will she do next? I just can't wait to see! To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: '24' - '10:00PM - 11:00PM' Season 8, Episode 7

I'm going to whine a lot about this episode, so that's just a little warning to anyone absolutely loving this season of '24.' But first, let's talk about the great scene where Renee goes ballistic, stabs Vladimir, then accidentally stabs Jack. Then Jack takes the knife out and hurls it at the other guy coming in the door. Awesome! Ok, now for the bad stuff. For one thing, I thought we were going to get to see Renee kick some major butt this season. So far, she's just a wimpy female with a big fat vengeance chip on her shoulder who still gets knocked around by the bad guys (excepting that awesome scene noted above). Come on, Renee! I want a female Jack Bauer, not some sniveling sap! To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

24 Episode Recap: "10:00 PM-11:00 PM" Season 8, Episode 7

Renee finally goes over the edge and takes her revenge on Laitanan - thankfully, Jack is there to catch her when she falls. As the hour begins, Jack makes his way back to Laitanan's base of operations, where he once tries to convince Renee to abandon her undercover operation. And once again, she declines - anyone noticing a pattern here? So Renee pushes ahead, urging Laitanan to start tracking down the person who is selling the nuclear rods "Jack" wants to buy. He gets the cold shoulder from Sergei Bazhaev, though, who pretends to know nothing about the materials. Though Laitanan makes some more calls, none of his criminal associates will admit to having the nuclear rods. So Laitanan decides it's time to call it a night, take their $5 million windfall, and take Renee to bed. But Renee won't take no for an answer, pushing him to call more people and make the deal happen - then Laitanan slaps her, and all hell breaks loose. After he delivers a punch that knocks Renee to her knees, she spots a knife lying on the floor. Spinning around, she stabs Laitanan in the eye, and by the time Jack rushes into the room, Renee is crouched over Laitanan, plunging the knife repeatedly into his chest. And when Jack tries to intervene, Renee instinctively turns around and stabs him in the stomach (!). It's a brutal, bloody and shocking scene - and the first moment this season that 24 had my jaw on the floor like it routinely did in the old days. Despite having just been stabbed by Renee, Jack covers for her. While patching up the wound in his stomach (seemingly a shallow one), he calls Hastings and explains that Renee killed Laitanan purely in self-defense. Hastings doesn't buy it, and he orders Laitanan's body brought back to CTU for an autopsy to determine the exact circumstances of his death. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'24' 10:00-11:00 p.m. Review: Renee finally does what we all knew she was going to do - Featured

We knew what was coming. This episode didn't make any shocking revelations but did confirm and expand on what we gathered from previous episodes - i.e., Renee is on the verge of insanity, Dana's ex-partner-in-crime Kevin is an idiot, Hassan is paranoid, and Sergei is a bad, bad man. Oh, and Jack is awesome. But I enjoyed this episode because the thing that we were waiting for happened at last. Continue reading: