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"Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2"

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6teen S4E13
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When Nikki's friends do a going-away party at Grind Me for her, Nikki's parents said they would stay as her father would keep his old job, but Nikki objects and admits that it is time to move on after she quit her job at the Khaki Barn and took a plane up north with her parents. Upon departing, Nikki attempts to call Jonesy on the cell phone just to tell him that she doesn't want to break up with him, and Jonesy wishes the same. The gang says good bye to Nikki and tell her they'll talk to her soon, as she bids them one final farewell. It finishes with Jonesy saying "Maybe everything will be okay after all..." The episode, and the series, ends with the camera zooming out to a wide shot of the mall food court as all the supporting characters in the show are seen walking through.
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