7th Heaven

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7th Heaven

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on WB
Tracked 3,440 Times
11 Seasons, 245 Episodes
60 Minutes
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The central characters are "Reverend Eric Camden", his wife Annie, and their seven children. "Reverend Camden" is the senior pastor of the Glen Oak Community Church, whose Protestant denomination is typically never disclosed (with the exception of an episode that was narrated by Simon in season 8, and in a season 11 episode in which Annie coments on how Protestants can't have a confession and in season 6 episode 15 when Matt tells Sarah Glass that his father is Protestant). In most episodes, any Christian element remains ostentatiously unstated, and indeed the actual word "Jesus" is rarely mentioned. One can, however, rule out some US fundamentalist denominations considering that Lucy has become a clergywoman, given that some American Protestant denominations do not permit women to occupy a clerical position.


Here Comes Santa Claus

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7th Heaven S3E10
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It's the Christmas season and Eric has his three oldest children doing charity work for the community. Mary and Lucy aren't enthusiastic about the charity work that Eric wants them to do. Mary is working in a soup kitchen while Lucy has to organize auditi

Episode Reviews

by scotwot

May 17, 2016

Not a show I would ever watch if it were to be rebooted but I loved watching as a kid. Freeway the dog was my favorite character. Yep! :)

by andrew.bremner

Mar 16, 2015

Great ol classic investigation about murder

by LizardQueen77

Feb 01, 2020

There was plenty of action and intrigue. This is a highly entertaining series featuring suspense and adventure, but above all the constantly romantic relationship between the married couple, the Harts, around which this story revolves. It's a wonderful series for both mystery and romance. The two leads have a great on screen chemistry. The quality of the filming, the lighting, and the sets combined to produce a visually stunning effect. There was always at least one "action" scene or chase, and the show always closed with some silly, sexual banter between the leads...usually shot in the bedroom set.

by DiogenestheCynic

Jul 23, 2019

I can't recall a single episode of this show, but I did watch it constantly when I was a kid. Was it good, or was it just the best out of the three available channels?

by cLoUless

Jun 19, 2015

Basic plot for this private detective show was: too rich, too bored - let's solve crime together to keep our marriage spicy. It did work for that time, very well indeed, but only if you do not find a better show from the same era! I recommend Moonlighting or Remington Steele.