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Recap: "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels"

The students of West Bev are gearing up for Valentine's Day, especially the new romantic Silver, who has surprise plans for her love. But the same can't be said for Annie and Ethan now that Rhonda has become the center of his attention. Meanwhile, Naomi is all about a sexy new bartender at her hotel. V-Day is around the corner, and Silver has pulled a 180, becoming the most nauseatingly lovey-dovey one of them all. She tells Dixon she has "mysterious" V-Day plans for him, but really is racing to figure out something for them to do. Meanwhile, communication between Annie and Ethan seems to be in the crapper since all his deep conversations are saved for Rhonda. Their chats are, like, sooo profound. I've got to agree with Silver, though the only way to hold her boyfriend's attention is if she drove into a tree. Navid seems to have found love with the chick he met last week, but somehow he lost his spine because he throws Adrianna under the bus when some popular kids say she's a mess. Ade overhears and is visibly crushed and things only get worst for her when one of the faculty members send her a "pity" rose. But it's cool because Naomi tells her if she were a lesbian, she'd totally be all over Adrianna. Ade later bumps into Navid, and he apologizes. The two share a moment that clearly implies that there's still feelings between them. Rhonda finally comes clean to Ethan about feeling better than she's been letting on, but Ethan doesn't care. Clearly the whole fatal attraction thing doesn't phase him. He even invites her to his V-Day dinner with Annie. Um, awkward much? During the meal, we learn Rhonda had her own Carrie-esque experience where a guy asked her to a dance on a dare at her old school, and she was so humiliated that she tried to kill herself. But here's the kicker: Annie takes Rhonda's very personal story and tells it as her own during her acting class. Why would she do that, you ask? Because she knows everyone there, including her teacher, thinks she's a worthless actress (ironic, huh?). Ethan walks in during her so-called story and is absolutely livid. For Full Recap Read Here .