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'90210': Champs and chumps Season 2, Episode 20

Adrianna gets her big break in the form of a chance to write a duet for herself and Latin heartthrob Javier. The only snag is that she has to do it in two days. Cue massive freak-out, shockingly with no drugs. Progress? Instead she seeks solace in Navid. Lila is shockingly cool about it, having overcome her insecurities about Navid and Adrianna's relationship. Wouldn't you know -- as soon as Lila gets too comfortable and stable as a girlfriend, Navid realizes he misses the challenge of a wackadoo junkie girlfriend who'll undoubtedly leave him for John Mayer the minute she hears her own song on the radio. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

90210 Season 2 Episode 20 "Meet the Parents" Review

Well tonight's episode of 90210 was both entertaining and fun to watch. There was humour, drama and emotion all combined in the fun packed hour. The main focus tonight was Silver meeting Teddy's dad for the second time. This time properly introduced. The visit didn't go as planned when Silver puts down one of his works unintentionally and calls his girlfriend Teddy's sister. But on another story line we see Annie confront her parents about their marital issues. Which is a big wake up call for them. I find her mom in this show to be unemotional and dull, oblivious to the real world. All in all it was a great episode. We got to see Naomi having to deal with her horrid sister, and Adrianna and Navid slowly reconnecting. I give tonight at 4 out of 5.

90210 Season 2 Episode 20 "Meet the Parents" Preview

Well the next upcoming episode of 90210 looks like it might get a little more interesting since Jen starts wrecking havoc in Naomi's life. These two have a history for their nasty and hurtful games and well you can only imagine how bad it is going to get. We will also see Silver meet Teddy's dad for the second time. And it does not go well. Adrianna will turn to Navid for help in writing lyrics for a new song making Navid realize he still has feelings for her. And Annie will confront her parents on their maritial issues. You can check out the sneak peek trailer at: .