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90210 3.07 "I See London, I See France..." Review

90210  just keeps getting better and better this season, but dare I call it  Melrose Place  for the Younger Set? We got two wild story lines tonight that weren't only random, but reeked of vintage  Melrose  in nature, as well. The Cannon Has Been Fired! Good riddance, you slimy bastard, we  so  didn't want to know thee. Naomi finally built up the courage to send Cannon packing, but the police never caught the S.O.B., meaning he's liable to pop up again in a Jasper minute, which scares the bejeezus out of me. Too bad Ryan Matthews was a casualty in the fracas, but I'm sure the school will reinstate the guy after all the evidence Naomi piled up thanks to the unlikely help of Oscar. Speaking of which... To Read More  Click Here.