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90210 Review: Lose Yourself

They say running away never solves anything but this time " Project Runaway " may have proved that old adage wrong. Annie ran into Jeremy and managed to reach an agreement with him over the battle for Marla's inheritance. Or so she thought. Finding out that her having sold the necklace that Marla had given her would make her look like a gold digger, Annie attempted to get it back from the jeweler she sold it to. But, apparently, someone had beat her to it. And had fed the jeweler the same line about it belonging to their dear old Grandma. That dastardly Jeremy! Or was it? Personally, I think it was Liam. Annie may have brushed him off earlier but he's on a tear to be a good friend lately so who knows? Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/11/90210-review-lose-yourself/

90210 “Project Runway” Review

90210  "Project Runway" Season 4 Episode  11 – For an episode called "Project Runway" that revolved around a fashion  show, I was shocked that there was no clever tie-in with  America’s  Next Top Model . Unless you count Janice Dickinson. Never fear, though;  90210  still managed to give a shout-out to  The Vampire Diaries . That’s the CW we know and love! So, Naomi decides that her calling in life is fashion design, never mind the fact that most people who are successful designers have been sewing their own clothes since kindergarten. Unfortunately for her, Holly suddenly has the same dream, and they wind up in the same class. After a few days of sketches, they’re ready to put on their first fashion show . Just go with it ; it hurts if you think about it too much. Holly steals Naomi’s ideas, but fortunately (or is it unfortunately?) Naomi’s designs stink, and they both lose whatever prize they were after. But Naomi impresses a big-shot party planner and lands herself a nifty internship. Unfortunately (big word tonight), the party planner is Holly’s mom. Even more unfortunate, especially to truce the girls called after the show, Holly wanted that internship. Ruh-roh! Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/11/29/90210-project-runway-review/