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90210 Season 5 Review “It’s All Fun and Games” – Walking on Sunshine

Despite some last minute jitters, it looks like Silver is ready to get herself pregnant. In this week’s episode of  90210 , "It’s All Fun and Games ," she spent her last day before insemination trying to be a wild and crazy  kid before becoming a mother. This included swinging on a trapeeze (and spraining her ankle trying to get out of  the net) and taking naked photos of herself to remember her pre-baby body. You know…the usual mother-to-be stuff. While she was finalizing her major life choice, everyone else’s worlds seemed to be falling apart. Liam discovered that he couldn’t move ahead with his acting career because his partner contract with CrazyBitch (as she will be known from now until the day she reappears with a knife at Silver’s throat) required her signature on everything. But it was hard for Liam to get her signature when he was convinced he’d seen  her get washed out to sea. In the end, he tried to man up and tell the police what had happened, but it turned out that the police were more concerned with her very long rap sheet and not so much with her disappearance. Did Liam really, really luck out? Or will this, like CrazyBitch herself, come back to haunt him someday? Read More.... //www.tvequals.com/2012/10/23/90210-season-5-review-its-all-fun-and-games-walking-on-sunshine/

90210 Review: Facing Fears

Did Liam Court get a haircut, because he was looking extra fine on this week's  90210 ? What's the famous saying: " It's All Fun And Games " until somebody gets hurt? By the end of the episode, everyone realized that to try and avoid hurt they would have to face their fears in life.  Dixon stopped feeling like a victim the minute he realized how other people were affected by the accident he was in. Even if it wasn't his fault, he realized that not everything is as cut and dry as he thought. As much as Dixon was hurting, meeting the daughter of the truck driver who caused his accident added a whole new layer of upset. It also introduced  Jessica Parker Kennedy  of  The Secret Circle  fame!  //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/10/90210-review-facing-fears/#ixzz2A8RE8UQ3