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A Gifted Man “In Case of Complications” Review

Never let it be said that  A Gifted Man  titles its episodes with understatements. ‘In Case of Complications’ definitely had complications. It was also, strangely enough, the most straightforward episode to date and probably one of the strongest. There’s only one patient this week, instead of the usual two or three. Instead the second patients share of the airtime is taken up with a case Michael has already solved. He goes to court to testify that Jake, an arsonist who murdered three people, was actually under the influence of a cancerous brain tumour that affected his behaviour, and that once the tumour was removed Jake was remorseful. In light of Michael’s testimony, Jake is freed from psychiatric care. The actual patient of the episode is Eduardo, who initially comes to the clinic so his daughter can be treated after stepping on broken glass. She’s fine, but Eduardo collapses and the doctors find he has stones and an infection in his gallbladder. It’s late in the evening before an ambulance is called to take him to hospital, but a woman comes into the clinic and takes Zeke, Kate, Anton and Eduardo hostage before the ambulance can arrive. She wants Michael. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/02/11/a-gifted-man-in-case-of-complications-review/