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‘Abby’s Studio Rescue’ recap: Welcome to the future

Last week:  Abby Lee Miller wowed us with her new golden sledgehammer and glitter graphics. She used her infamous “tough love” on an absent studio owner with a massive victim complex and changed a dilapidated studio from drab to fab. This is  Abby’s Studio Rescue ! I know I mentioned this before, but I’m eating up this opener with a spoon! There’s glitter, gold and bejeweled construction goggles. There’s Abby knocking down bricks like a champ. I can’t get enough! Read More... //community.ew.com/2014/07/02/abbys-studio-rescue-recap-episode-2/

‘Abby’s Studio Rescue’ recap: This is your last chance to dance

We all know Abby Lee Miller from  Dance Moms , where she yells at tiny dancers and can barely disguise her disdain for their mothers. Now we get to see her in a new role — as a rescuer, a hero, a white knight with a mission to save dance studios in need. This is  Abby’s Studio Rescue . We start with a brief segment where Abby introduces herself and the show’s premise. Then we’re treated to a fabulous opening sequence that features Abby with a construction hat and a golden sledgehammer along with the show’s tagline “This might be your last chance to dance.” Did I mention the glitter graphics? There’s a lot of glitter … and I LOVE IT. Read More... //community.ew.com/2014/06/25/abbys-studio-rescue-premiere-recap/