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Premiering on Saturday night at 11:07 on the heels of NBC's Olympic coverage (before sliding over to its regular Tuesday at 9pm slot), About a Boy is a sitcom adapted from Nick Hornby's book that was previously made as the 2003 film starring Hugh Grant. Series creator and producer Jason Katims has a well-established track record of taking material that's already been made into thoughtful movies and using the advantage of a long TV season to dig even deeper, bringing more detail and nuance than a two-hour feature will allow. After Friday Night Lights and Parenthood he's more than earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to deciding whether or not to give a show a chance. Read More... //

About a Boy Series Premiere Review: One and a Half Men

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Review: 'About a Boy,' 'Growing Up Fisher' are sadly dysfunctional

'About a Boy' lacks the subtlety of the original film, while 'Growing Up Fisher' piles on contrived plot devices. NBC is using the final days of the Winter Olympics to debut two family comedies, neither of which live up to their moderately high concepts.  Read More... //,0,2705729.story

Television Review: NBC Rolls Out ‘About a Boy’ and ‘Growing Up Fisher’

This weekend NBC is introducing two feel-good sitcoms about the healing properties of broken homes.   Read More...   //

Review: NBC's watered-down take on 'About A Boy'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "About A Boy," NBC's remake of the Hugh Grant movie (and Nick Hornby novel) starring David Walton as a manchild who befriends the boy next door.  Read More... //