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ACCUSED (BBC) “Alison’s Story” Review

This week’s ACCUSED is the final instalment in the excellent series written by Jimmy McGovern. Alison’s Story is about infidelity and marriage breakdown – an ordinary tale but with McGovern nothing is ever ordinary in this story of lust, betrayal and revenge. The challenge of the Accused series is how to make an hour of drama entertaining when the audience is shown a defendant in the dock awaiting trial – it’s like knowing the ship sinks in Titanic, why bother right? Well the answer is fill each episode with a rich cast of strong British talent and give them a script which is as complex as it is brave. Alison’s Story is no exception. When I saw that Naomie Harris would be the lead I was excited to see it as she was brilliant in last years Channel 4 drama Poppy Shakespeare. Here she plays a mother with a young family who has an affair, is caught and then has to battle her increasingly unstable husband who attempts to frame her to get sole custody of their children. Initially I did feel for Alison’s husband. She has a life away from the home, an interesting, rewarding job while David’s left to play house husband – cooking, cleaning, organising birthday parties. His life is his family. That is until he snaps, rapes Alison and then goes all Cape Fear turning into a class A nutcase. To Read More  Click Here.

ACCUSED (BBC) “Kenny’s Story” Review

This week is KENNY’S STORY in Jimmy McGovern’s excellent series which looks at a crime from the perspective of the criminal awaiting sentencing. Standing ACCUSED are three friends turned vigilantes who beat a man to death in the park believing he has attacked Kenny’s young daughter. Having murdered an innocent man they scramble to cover their tracks. Kenny’s Story asks the question "what would you have done?" When his daughter is the victim of an attack he defends his family and his honour by hunting down the apparent attacker. The scene of the attack was brutal as Kenny brakes his arm with the first punch as his friend Gordon takes over in a frenzied attack stamping on the skull of the innocent jogger. Struggling to cope with the guilt and pursued by the Police Kenny makes the tough decision to admit their crime – the other to deny it and Kenny goes down for life. To Read More Click Here.

ACCUSED (BBC) “Liam’s Story” Review

This week’s ACCUSED is a bored taxi driver with a gambling problem standing trial for murder after developing a dangerous obsession with a young woman. Liam is a rather sad and pathetic character with a crippling habit who substitutes one addiction for another. After another bad hand at cards empties his wallet a broke Liam answers a call to take Emma to the airport on a business trip. Desperate to give his daughter a present for passing an exam Liam goes back to her empty house to steal a piece of jewelery. Wandering around the house he is struck by the photos and mementos that give a snapshot into the life of this attractive, popular, vibrant young woman. He leaves with a necklace and a USB with personal photos and intimate emails. What follows is a story of a developing obsession as armed with a catalogue of information such as favourite films and music he molds himself into the man he thinks she needs. The pace of Liam’s Story was at times slow and seemingly predictable. Driven by his obsession and desperation to be with Emma he kills her…or his terminally ill wife to free himself from an unhappy marriage. Time spent with his fling shot in bright light which streams though the window as they lay in bed together while life at home was represented as dark and depressing. Liam’s Story however took an unexpected turn as when confronted by Emma’s old fling, who could reveal his secret family, Liam mows him down with his taxi, leaving him lying dead in the road. To Read More Click Here.

ACCUSED (BBC) “Helen’s Story” Review

HELEN’S STORY wont stir up as much controversy or grab as many headlines as last week’s story but it is another triumph for writer Jimmy McGovern who delivers a subtle portrayal of the tragedy of a parent surviving their child and the void of grief left in his place. This week’s Accused revolves around a mild mannered primary school teacher following the death of her 18-year-old son crushed to death while working at a factory. Ruled an ‘accidental death’ Helen’s pleas for answers fall on deaf ears as she is dismissed by Police. Desperation drives Helen to blow up the factory and standing before a jury she pleads for the ‘justice’ of their mercy. What I think the Accused does particularly well is portray the numbness of grief felt after the passing of a loved one. Juliet Stevenson is sublime as the grieving mother robbed of a life with her son who finds solace in the search for answers. Hiding behind the curtain as the Police car approaches willing it to be next door’s bell they ring was wonderfully played. A mother’s love still her only reason for being as she desperately searches for the truth. To Read More Click Here.

Recap Accused: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Married to Carmel with three children, plumber Willy Houlihan is all set to leave his family for his girl-friend Michelle when his daughter Laura announces her forthcoming wedding. Though Laura's in-laws are well off,as a point of pride Willy is determined to pay for the reception but,when a client goes bust and the cheque he paid Willy bounces,Willy finds himself with no funds. Then he finds twenty thousand pounds in the back of a taxi and doubles it at the casino before returning the original sum next day,only to learn that the owners of the money beat up and killed the taxi driver. The taxi firm's receptionist is hostile and,when the police tell Willy the notes are counterfeit and accuse him of forgery,she refuses to recognise him. Taken to court he is doubly punished as his Not Guilty plea is rejected and Carmel finds out about Michelle. Source: IMDB