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'Adventure Time' Season 5 finale promises Finn's dad in Season 6

On the Season 5 finale of "Adventure Time," Finn discovers Billy's bucket list and takes it upon himself to complete the unfinished tasks in the wake of Billy's death. It all happens because Finn and Jake meet Canyon, Billy's ex-girlfriend. They take her back to Billy's crack where they find the bucket list. The first task is easy: Take Canyon on one last ride. But the next task takes Finn back to the place that scares him the most -- the ocean. The Fear Feaster reappears, psyching Finn out about getting into the ocean again. So Finn conks himself over the head and slips into the water, where he hallucinates a trip down a whale's gullet. When he wakes up, his fear is gone. He slices the Fear Feaster in half and Billy appears in the stars to thank him for finishing his bucket list. Then Billy tells Finn that his human father is alive... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/adventure-time-season-5-finale-promises-finns-dad-in-season-6.html