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Episode Review : A Name Written In Water

Well guys some time back I was just read a review about the movie Afterlife and it reminded me of one of my most watched television shows by the same name. With no news about the show that ended nearly two years back, I just decided to review the highest ranked episode of the series. Well it turned out to be the 8th episode of the second season which was aired on 11th November 2006. I still remember rushing back from a party hosted by a friend, just to watch this episode, which was also the final episode of the season as well as the series. The episode got great reviews form both critics as well as general public and was the most watched episode of the series. I still feel tempted and watch the episode many times over. The episode begins with Robert being in comma in the hospital. Alison on hearing the news, dashes off to see him. However when she reaches the hospital Jude is already there and is not at all happy to see Alison. While waiting in the hospital, for Robert to recover, Alison comes across a strange nurse making the rounds of the corridors and comes to know from the workers that she is rumored to be there at the hospital whenever somebody is about to die. Finally Robert dies without revealing his love for Alison who is also not able to confess her love for him. The episode was really an emotional rollercoaster and bought me to tears many times. It highlighted the fears and love of the two leading characters as well as their irony of not being able to confess their love to each other. It definitely stands out and deserves to be the best episode of the series.