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AGAINST THE WALL “Second Chances” and “We Protect Our Own” Reviews

AGAINST THE WALL  "Second Chances/We Protect Our Own" Season 1 Episodes  12 and 13 – With the double episodes "Second Chances" and "We Protect Our Own," the first season of  Against the Wall  comes to an end. It’s been a fun ride, one that, considering the cliffhanger on which it ended, I hope Lifetime decides to continue next year. The first episode of the night dealt with an episode of hazing at the local police academy. The story was bland and over-run by the more interesting personal story going on at Mama Kowalski’s new bakery. On the verge of opening her doors, Sheila decides to start hiring employees from a rehab program  for convicted felons. Understandably, that doesn’t go over very well with her cop family. As predicted, trouble comes knocking in the form of a new employee’s gangster boyfriend . When Sheila won’t give him the information  he wants, she’s forced to draw her gun in order to get him to leave her store. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Wonder What God’s Up To” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Wonder What God’s Up To" Season 1 Episode 11 – It’s Abby’s birthday in "Wonder What God’s Up To," this week’s   Against the Wall , and everyone wants to help her celebrate it in style . Except her parents who are AWOL. Seems a bit strange for this family, but whatever. But business before pleasure. This week Abby and Lina’s simple investigation of a department chaplain who might have aided a robbery winds up involving a suicide, allegations of sexual abuse and a murder. Nothing’s ever simple, is it girls? I will say that it was refreshing to see a priest who wasn’t guilty of abusing his altar boy. The chaplain is accused of molesting a cop who committed suicide supposedly after years of living with the secret, but it turns out that the cop was actually abused by his stepfather. But his mother blames the priest and ends up killing him. It was all a little convoluted and frankly a little boring.  Law and Order: SVU has done this type of story so many times already. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Boys Are Back” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Boys Are Back" Season 1 Episode 10 – It seems like everyone did a bad, bad thing in "Boys Are Back," this week’s episode of  Against the Wall . Except for the poor little girl who got injured during a cop brawl. And maybe Lina, who needs to have that baby before she explodes. When a fight breaks out at a wedding between two cops (after the best  man finds the bride having sex in a bathroom  stall when she’s supposed to be walking down the aisle), Abby and Lina try to put all ofthe pieces  together  to figure out who’s responsible for the injured flower girl, but too many of the officers involved are lying to either cover their asses or protect their partners. Eventually, a second, more sinister crime is uncovered, as the same jerk who seduced the bride got drunk and raped an even drunker cop after the wedding . He was then tossed over a balcony (a short one) by her partner. Quite a mess, but only the rapist is arrested. Everyone else pools their suspension pay to help the little girl’s mother cover her hospital bills. See? Cops care. Although, sometimes they care a little too much. Construction on Mama Kowalski’s bakery has begun and everyone has come out to lend  a hand, including Mackie (Abby’s BFF whose name we might not have known up until now) and her new boyfriend, a real winner who Don quickly recognizes as a convicted felon. Read More.... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Lean on Me or Die” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Lean on Me or Die" Season 1 Episode 9 – We revisit Nikki, the undercover stripper, in "Lean on Me or Die," this week’s episode of  Against the Wall , while Sheila helps Brody figure out a way to win Abby’s heart. Don’t remember Nikki? She was the undercover cop working in a strip joint to bring down a dirty cop who’d become something of a mob  boss . Abby and Lina are brought in when Nikki stops checking in with her contact; turns out she’s gotten hooked on the drugs. Occupational hazard. Abby takes it upon herself to get Nikki out of the club and start her on the road to recovery, but her plans are almost thwarted when Nikki slips away. In the end, Nikki steps up to the plate and saves Abby’s life by gunning down the dirty cop before he can do the same to Abby. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Memories We Fear” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Memories We Fear" Season 1 Episode 8 – One of the things I appreciate about Against the Wall  is how it puts a spotlight on the less discussed areas of law enforcement. In "Memories We Fear," the story revolves around a troubled crime scene photographer. Because in the real world, criminalists don’t take their own pictures. Sorry,  CSI . You know I still love you. Abby and Lina are called to a murder scene after the department’s creepiest photographer, Lucas, punches one of the detectives. But what was supposed to be a simple case of inter-department assault quickly escalates as our girls establish that Lucas knew the victim at the scene and then find some disturbing photos of dead women in Lucas’s portfolio. Could he be a murderer or is he just a depressed, lonely alcoholic with post-traumatic stress after years of capturing horrible images on film? Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Countdown to Meltdown” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Countdown to Meltdown" Season 1 Episode 7 – Abby takes on the 911 operators in "Countdown to Meltdown," this week’s episode of  Against the Wall . And one of the two minor Kowalski brothers, Donny, finds out he’s only blood-related to an IA cop on his mother’s side. Whew! We start out with Abby and Lina taking a time out from crime-fighting in order to help a man having a heart attack  on the street. Only 911 hangs up on them and an ambulance is finally dispatched, it’s too late to save the man’s life. Smelling a rat (and feeling somewhat responsible), our IA cops launch a full investigation into the entire 911 department, shifting through complaints and response  times in order to find out why there was such a delay in response. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Obsessed and Unwanted” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Obsessed and Unwanted" Season 1 Episode 6 – It’s official. In this week’s episode of  Against the Wall , "Obsessed and Unwanted," Brody is out and Danny is in. For now, at least. Abby strikes me as the kind of girl who avoids a real relationship at all costs. After the discovery of their secret tryst last week, you would think that Abby might take a break from dating in the workplace, but no…our intrepid  detective moves ahead fairly quickly with cute Danny, who is now working directly with the police department. I like Danny, I do, but he’s going  to have to step up his game if he wants to get Abby "Hot Pants" Kowalski to crawl into his lap again. This is a girl who likes playing with fire, possibly because everyone else in her family flies the straight and narrow. By the way, I think it says a lot about how her brother, Richie, felt about his partner , Brody, that he barely batted an eyelash when he caught Danny and Abby sucking face, yet the mere implication that Brody had seen his sister naked drove him nuts and prompted him to get a new partner, who might be an old family friend, but might also be a thief. Not cool, Richie. You lose your bro card. Not that you’ll be using it much now that your wife’s pregnant . Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “Baby Did a Bad Thing” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "Baby Did a Bad Thing" Season 1 Episode  5 – In "Baby Did a Bad Thing," Against the Wall  gave us exposed secrets, undercover strippers and a clubhouse that could rival the Sons of Anarchy ’s. The action gets started when an exotic dancer gets thrown out a window; turns out she was a favorite of an ex-cop who frequents a strip club. It’s a tenuous tie, but apparently enough to get IA involved. As it turns out, there’s already a detective  on the case…she just happens to be lap-dancing in her beaded underwear.  Supernatural  fans know her as Jo; somewhere Dean Winchester is crying over what could have been. I was a little surprised when the undercover stripper thing didn’t really go anywhere. Her cover wasn’t blown, so she can stay at the club, gathering info. Maybe we’ll visit her again someday. It’s forensic evidence, not a witness statement, that leads Abby and Lina to a historic home that was the actual site of the murder. Turns out it’s more than just a  house –it’s a long-time playground  for a elite group of cops that happens to include Abby’s father. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “The Fifth Body” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "The Fifth Body" Season 1, Episode  4 – With "The Fifth Body,"  Against the Wall  has finally found some of the balance that it lacked in the first  few episodes. Yes, it’s a cop show, but more than that, it’s a family drama, and for the first time  since the pilot, I really felt good about the mix of the two. This week’s case revolved around a shady coroner’s office that allowed bodies to be misplaced in order to help out the defense teams of rich killers. It’s an interesting story, albeit somewhat icky, and not totally out of the realm of possibility. People do stupid things for money and they do even stupider things in pursuit of internet fame and glory, like make "comedy" films with corpses. Truthfully, I found the case to be a bit predictable. I knew I didn’t like the head morgue guy from his first line. But while Abby and Lina might have gotten a break from investigating cops this week, Abby’s new job is still managing to wreck her social life. She’s kicked off the CPD flag football team that she’s played on for years because her former teammates don’t want an IA snoop watching them while they’re off duty. Of course, her brothers, who are also on the team, claim it’s in her best interest that she not play with people who hate her now, but Abby is understandably ticked off. Read More... //

AGAINST THE WALL “We Have a Cop in Trouble Here” Review

AGAINST THE WALL  "We Have a Cop in Trouble Here" Season 1 Episode 3 — Last week, I asked for less investigation and more family dynamic  on  Against the Wall  and "We Have a Cop in Trouble Here" delivered…kind of. We got to see a few more Kowalski’s this week, namely Abby’s two adorably precocious nieces. Mrs. Kowalski finally  met Abby’s partner , Lina, and they bonded over babies and the shared joy of motherhood. I think I would have rather seen Lina, who seems to be carrying triplets, dispense with some of her usual straight talk, rather than wax sentimental. But maybe that’s what happens  when you’re six months into a nine month pregnancy; you have to convince yourself that it’s awesome or else you’ll find yourself Googling "How do I tie my own tubes?" We also saw Abby’s brothers  take way too much of an interest in her personal life. If they’re so shocked by the mere fact that she’s taking birth control and possibly sleeping with  somebody, the crap is really going to hit the fan when they find out it’s Brody. And Richie is pretty close to putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Now that he’s been cleared of all charges and he’s regained his focus, I don’t think it’ll take long for him to figure it out. Read More... //