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Air Master Season 1, Episodes #09- #12

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) After the first eight episodes ended up being surprisingly enjoyable, which went counter to a lot of what we heard, it was good to get into the next batch pretty quickly and without much of a wait, not that we had too much of one with the DVD release. Curiously, we've learned that a lot of women seem to really enjoy this show and more often than not they can't quite pin down why. Suffice to say as much as I'm enjoying it my wife is enjoying it even more. This set brings in a new storyline to the show that runs for the first three episodes before it shifts over to a standalone comedic episode that caps it off. After the events with Julietta in the previous batch, things have gone back to what I guess you could consider is normal for the group. Unfortunately for them, a large group of students have come down from Hokkaido for a school vacation and they're all part of one particular gang known as the Black Union of Righteousness and Sincerity. These are the basic kind of thuggish looking badass guys you'd expect as they all wear their bulky black school uniforms and essentially take over a large chunk of Shibuya as they check out the sights and sounds of the place. What turns things on its ear though is when a small group of them come across our leads and they're all stunned to see... Mina. Through a brief and amusing flashback, it turns out that they acquired photos of her from her swimsuit gig previously and have been lusting after her since as the newest starlet of the big boobs fetish genre of Japanese youth. These guys are crafty and ask for a photo with her and are all nice and happy, but when the camera snaps they actually kidnap her and head off so they can take her to their leader, Kinjiro. Maki would go after them but she gets sidetracked beforehand by Sakiyama who foolishly continues to try and challenge her. She's getting better but she'll never catch up to Maki's level. Source Here