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Aiura Episode #12 Anime Review

Similar to how the series started twelve episodes ago, the summer season is here and we get the fun of Ayuko going through the motions as she did back then before school started. Unlike before, she’s meeting up with her friends this time which will give her a very enjoyable summer vacation. It revisits some of those scenes in a clear and fun way as a group and the visuals are again one of the best selling points for the show as they evoke great feelings and emotions as we see them enjoying their time. It’s kept simple and not with a lot in the way of laughs, but it’s filled with heart. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #11 Anime Review

Sometimes you really have to feel for Saki with what she has to deal with when it comes to Kanaka, especially when you have such revelatory moments as the opening act here. With Saki wanting to just stay home since it’s raining, her description of wanting to become a NEET is so ably destroyed by Kanaka that you have to laugh. Of course, you have to laugh at Kanaka in general since she’s wearing rain boots when the two head out and it’s just so child-like and hilarious in a subtle way that you can’t help but to grin at the dynamic between her and Saki as they walk to school and deal with the way things unfold once there, both with their shoes and dealing with their teacher. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #10 Anime Review

After some initial fun with our favorite pint sized teacher who likes to wear just her school uniform and not just the lab coat, the show delves into the usual kind of mild silliness of the main girls. Especially with Kanaka who is going around covering peoples eyes and having them guess she is. Of course, she talks herself up hugely along the way, which just makes perfect sense for the way she is. It doesn’t always work out well for Kanaka, especially when she tries to pull this on Saki and it goes pretty badly for her. As usual, it’s the way they all interact that makes the show, right up to and including that final post-credits scene which is just adorable. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #09 Anime Review

As life goes on for the girls, some fun does come into play, but also some elements of danger. Such is the opening gag where Kanaka won’t talk about the dream she had involving her and Saki since she knows Saki will get really upset with her about it. Considering how odd her mind works at times, that’s a pretty safe bet. The show works a bit of flights of fancy kind of thing with dreams in general and some discussion and views of them and it has its cuteness, even if Ayuko dreams of the world ending. Saki’s dream, not displayed, involves her just marrying into money which certainly reveals more about her than one might expect. Kanaka dreaming of being an idol? Completely predictable, even if everyone gives her grief about it. And as time runs out considering her age. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #08 Anime Review

When someone like Kanaka gets a bee in her bonnet, it’s hard to dissuade her from it for obvious reasons. Such is the case here as she implores with Saki about joining a club, largely because she wants to be called captain and have the respect of others. But she has no clu bin mind and Saki is flat out uninterested in it. Amusingly, the more Ayuko goes on about the different clubs they can join, the clearer it becomes that Kanaka has nothing going for it. And not just in terms of clubs either, but because she again seemingly has no interests outside of just enjoy her time on her own rather than reading, writing, music or other types of clubs like the culture one. It’s cute, but it also reinforces that there’s not a lot to her. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #07 Anime Review

With the gang hanging out in Souta’s room for the time being, which should be a blessing to hime but is more of a chore, we get to see how he’s easily manipulated in a few ways. While Kanaka’s playing a round of Jango, she manipulates him into playing – and losing – in order to get him to go out and pick up snacks and drinks for everyone. He’s grumbling about it all to be sure, but we also see his sensitive and caring side too, as he makes sure Saki has a blanket to sleep under. There’s almost a sense of something closer between the two, from this and the way they sit together later on, that really makes you look at them in a different light. Of course, all of this is in the end just frustration for Souta since they’re all in his room since his sister can’t keep hers clean. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #06 Anime Review

While Kanaka continues to be abused in some fun ways, life for the students in general takes a turn for the worse here as it’s a testing week. Which on the positive side means no homework, but it’s meant for the kids to spend their time studying. With Kanaka in charge of the group though, it’s not like they really expect to get a ton done, even if they do manage to sit down at the table to deal with it together. Provided Jenga doesn’t prove to be more interesting than studying. It’s cute to see the girls Kanaka’s place where they use her brother Souta’s room since hers is just a terrible mess, and the difference between the siblings is adorable. There’s a charm to how it’s handled, from Saki’s just sprawling out on his bed to how Ayuko is sympathetic towards him. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #05 Anime Review

With someone like Kanaka in your life, you never know what you’re going to get. With this episode, we see her sense of humor right from the start again as she’s playing dead in front of Saki’s house after calling her earlier on the phone sounding like a stranger invaded her house. Her acting for it is hilarious and just the way she plays dead even has a certain charm to it. Of course, once Kanaka gets on a subject, she talks it up a lot and even gets Ayuko a bit nervous about it since she goes on about how people can die at any time. The imagined drama that plays out between the two is even more hilarious though as it shows a side of Ayuko we don’t see much of, but definitely fits her personality perfectly. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #04 Anime Review

Sometimes even though you’re friends with someone, you have to make it clear they’re a problem. Some, like Kanaka, just revel in it even after having Saki beat on her some physically and verbally about what a struggle it is to have someone like her as a friend. While we get some fun between the two of them at the start, the show gives us a but of fun with the teachers as it brings in Misuzu who is quite pleased that she can still wear the students outfits and looks just like one. This frustrates the heck out of Shusaku, the math teacher, and he comes up with a comical solution to fix it. The banter between the two is pretty fun and it manages to actually make me want to see more of Misuzu, even though I typically dislike that kind of character. Read More... //

Aiura Episode #03 Anime Review

Starting in high school is never an easy thing since there are so many unknowns, but this year gets off amusing as the girls deal with their new teacher, Yamashita, who throws them a pop quiz asking them to spell her name. Which she can’t even manage to spell right, which says a lot about the teacher from the get go. The show takes an amusing turn though when only one student gets it right, Mei, and her doing so ends up turning her into the class rep. Coming in a close second was Kanaka, though her answer is just hilarious as is the teacher’s reasoning for selecting her. It’s the kind of thing that sets a particular tone for the year right out of the gate and it certainly fits in with Kanaka’s naming capability, having seen her “kong” aspects previously. Read More... //