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Akame ga Kill! Episode #12 Anime Review

It’s all about the new guys this time, just as the title implies (well, the title might imply that the established protagonists would be combating their apparent new allies to those unaccustomed to the convention the series has employed to just have each episode title consist of “Kill the [subject]”). And just as advertised in their introduction last time (thankfully making the Dr. Stylish fight much more important than merely the first in a series of showdowns against members of the Jaegers), the two are just as Najenda would have any member of Night Raid: inconceivably powerful and endlessly quirky. There are no real twists to them as of yet beyond what Akame ga Kill! has established for nearly every major character; there always has to be some dichotomy that seems to come out of nowhere and shake up the perception of any given character.   Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/09/22/akame-ga-kill-episode-12-anime-review/