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'Fringe,' 'Alcatraz' snag American Society of Cinematographers nominations

Alcatraz, Fringe, Strike Back, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Hunted will go head to head for the American Society of Cinematographers awarrds. //

Alcatraz's Sarah Jones Takes Up Residence in Vegas

Those still mourning the loss of Alcatraz — we won't lie, we are — will find some solace this fall when Sarah Jones joins the cast of CBS' new drama Vegas . Vegas is inspired by the true story of Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb ( Dennis Quaid ), a rancher who goes up against powerful gangster Vincent Savino ( Michael Chiklis ) to help bring order to 1960s Sin City. Jones will play Mia, the smart and beautiful daughter of a Chicago heavy hitter, who works alongside Savino in the casino. Read More... //

Alcatraz: The Complete Series Investigates BD, DVD

Warner Home Video will will bring the ill-fated J.J. Abrams series, Alcatraz, to Blu-ray and DVD October 16, 2012. Both sets will include all 13 episodes. Here's a synopsis of the series direct from Warner, "Alcatraz: The Complete Series chronicles the mystery of the "63s" -- the forgotten prisoners – who mysteriously disappeared from Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary in 1963. Now, unexplainably, these criminals are returning to the streets of San Francisco to repeat their grisly crimes – not a day older than when they initially disappeared almost fifty years ago. Enlisted by the close-to-the-vest Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) and his equally elusive associate Lucy Bannerjee (Parminder Nagra), the driven detective Madsen (Sarah Jones) and fresh-faced Diego "Doc" Soto (Jorge Garcia) delve into the mystery of the 63s return, uncovering a much larger, more sinister threat. The series also features Robert Forster, Jonny Coyne and Jason Butler Harner as the prison’s authority with a shared histoy." Read More... //  

Alcatraz's Sarah Jones Joins CBS' Vegas as New Series Regular

Sarah Jones , who starred in Fox's short-lived sci-fi drama Alcatraz , is joining CBS' Vegas as a new series regular, has confirmed. Vegas , starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis , is inspired by the true story of...  //

Quartet of Shows Canceled by FOX: Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In & I Hate My Teenage Daughter

The new dramas  Alcatraz  and  The Finder  as well as the ‘brought-back-from-the-dead’ comedy Breaking In  and the new, short-lived laugher  I Hate My Teenage Daughter  have all been canceled by FOX. With the annual  network upfront presentations less than a week away, the major (and cable) networks are pulling no punches with their programming; and this is just one example of what is yet to come. As most viewers know, ‘Alcatraz’ was the much buzzed-about new series from J.J. Abrams set on the legendary prison in San Francisco while ‘The Finder’ was the anticipated spin-off of popular FOX drama ‘ Bones ’. Both shows debuted mid-season with decent ratings, but neither show could hold onto asatisfactory  percentage of viewers to warrant renewals. Read More... //  

Will Alcatraz Return for Season 2? Series Boss Sounds Off on That and More!

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Alcatraz . Read at your own risk.] Alcatraz 's two-hour season finale left viewers thunderstruck after fan-favorite heroine Rebecca ( Sarah Jones ) met her demise at the hands of her grandfather ( David Hoflin ). The powers that be behind the '63s' disappearance were also revealed to be the Warden ( Jonny Coyne ) and a mysterious unidentified man who, has learned, is actually named Mr. K ( Matt Craven ). On top of all that, it turns out there are two factions of '63s working together. Their motives? Still mostly unknown. So what happens if Fox doesn't renew the series and we don't get the answers to the new mysteries raised? We turned to executive producer Daniel Pyne to get the scoop: //

TV ratings: 'Dancing with the Stars,' 'Smash' down a bit, 'The Voice' wins 18-49

Fast National ratings for Monday, March 26, 2012ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" was down a bit from its premiere last week, but it still won the most viewers for the night. However, NBC's "The Voice" still managed to garner the most viewers in the 18-49 demographic once again. NBC's "Smash" was down a bit again this week with 6.35 million viewers -- after announcing its renewal for a second season -- and a 2.2 for the 18-49 demographic, while ABC's "Castle" took the top spot for the 10 p.m. hour again this week. FOX's "Alcatraz," with its season finale -- and possibly the series finale, since the show hasn't yet been picked up for a second season -- pulled in 4.7 million viewers during each of its two hours, down from 5.1 million for last week.ABC won out for the night in total viewers with 15.8 million viewers and a 10.1 rating/16 share in households.... //

'Alcatraz' Finale: Family Reunion Leads To Shocking Death

There were plenty of tantalizing answers left when " Alcatraz " (Mon., 8 p.m. ET on Fox) wrapped its first season on Monday night, but the biggest question for fans of the show is if there will even be a second season. "Alcatraz" kicked off with more than 10 million viewers, but has lost nearly half of them over its first eleven episodes. Nevertheless, the show pulled out all the stops in these final two installments, returning Lucy to the team and reuniting Rebecca with her grandfather and '63 returnee Tommy Madsen. Lucy's return really solidified the team dynamic, making it even more glaring how cold things have been with her in that coma for so long. She was the heart that Hauser seems to have lost all those years ago. Read More... //

'Alcatraz' Season 2: Will Rebecca return? Plus, executive producers tease a new direction

On Monday, the two-hour season finale of "Alcatraz" aired -- but the fate of the task force is now in FOX's hands. The show hasn't been picked up for a second season, and less-than-ideal ratings don't seem particularly promising. Still, with an ending like that, how can we not hope for Season 2?Though the finale provided some answers -- such as what's behind Warden James' locked door -- the questions were far more extensive. Hauser and Lucy opened the door to discover a hidden Alcatraz command center, where the Warden and a scientist found a method to track the location of certain inmates in 1960 and revealed their plan to time-jump the inmates three years later. Their goals remain unknown, but given the fact that the scientist just woke up -- a '63 itself, it seems -- the task force already has the guy with the answers.Still, what a cliffhanger! The episode ended as doctors... //

'Alcatraz' finale: What's behind the warden's door?

"Alcatraz" fans, get ready for a doozy of a finale. In tonight's two-hour conclusion to the first season of the time-bending drama, we'll finally get some answers about just what happened in 1963 and how the mysterious warden was involved.Though FOX has not yet picked up "Alcatraz" for a Season 2, co-creator Stephen Lilien tells Zap2it that the writers weren't afraid to leave us hanging. "We have a big cliffhanger," he told us at WonderCon. "But we also have a lot of answers, so we'll answer a lot of the big questions, the biggest being what's behind the Warden's door. We'll open that door, we'll see what's inside."The secret room will hold clues to a potential arc for the second season, according to co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt. "Once you're in through that door, new questions will be posed based off of what's behind that door," he explains.The two-hour finale will give us the opportunity to delve... //