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Alcatraz - from JJ Abrams - is centered around a group of missing Alcatraz guards and prisoners who vanish and mysteriously reappear in the present day, and the FBI agents assigned to track them all down and figure out the truth behind their disappearance.
by tytee
Aug 18, 2015 6:57AM EDT

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"Feels like a season-long prologue" to quote a review I read somewhere. This describes the show perfectly.

Started off at a pretty slow place. Giving almost nothing away, piling up question after question. Got interesting after a few episodes and towards the end I was pretty hooked.

But this is one of those frustrating shows which almost annoys you at the fact that it keeps bringing up questions and doesn't quite answer them. Instead of giving you the feeling that you are making progress through the story, it feels as if it's dangling a candy in front of you and you can't ever quite reach and grab it.

And if that wasn't frustrating enough, it ends at a vague point and then gets cancelled for a second season !

If I read correctly, there was a choice between renewing this and Fringe and I guess Fringe has more of a viewership, so it probably makes more sense why it was cancelled.

The acting wasn't stellar but it was decent. Although I didn't fancy Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser. His behavior and personality were confusing. It was like he was trying hard to be a bad guy who was good, while portraying neither effectively. A lot of it was just unneccessary.

But overall the story was interesting. They could've done a much better job with it though.


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