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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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7 Seasons, 271 Episodes
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a half-hour anthology television series hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. The series featured both mysteries and melodramas. By the premiere of the show on October 2, 1955, Hitchcock had been directing films for over three decades.


Make My Death Bed

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents S6E37
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Elise Taylor has an affair with a man named Bishop Darby. Darby's wife, Jackie gives Elise a bottle of saccharin and tells her to make sure that Darby stays on hius diet. The saccharin, however, is poisoned. Later, however, Darby is killed when another ma

Episode Reviews

by Jacqueline Janell

Jan 31, 2020

Absolutely intriguing, love this new show!

by tour93

Nov 27, 2019

Best show on network right now

by steelsheen

Oct 25, 2019

The first episode was OK then it did what i figured it would since its on CBS it became a NCIS like procedural about THE DEVIL or something. What's her face the lead is a tasty little biscuit.

by e.birdie

Oct 18, 2019

So far, so good: the show seems clever and well-written and definitely held my attention. Looking forward to more!

by Floressas

Oct 11, 2019

I had been looking forward to this. I love the Kings and the cast, I was expecting a very smart, unconventional show about religion and faith. But there is nothing smart about this. Their discussions about their beliefs stay completely flat and predictable. Michael Emerson feels like a cut-out-villain that is always introduced with a subtlety bordering on 'dun-dun-duuun'. And I'm all for a little sexual tension between the lead characters, but please establish it first before you talk it to death in the first episode! Maybe they fix the uneven direction and writing, but I just don't have any patience to wait for that.