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All My Children Weekly Recap: Who Died and Who's Still in Mortal Danger?

The sexed-up version of All My Children made its online debut this week and it answered the question longtime fans have been waiting almost a year and a half to know: Who did JR shoot? Read our recap to get all the dramatic details: //

Recap All My Children: Mon, January 31, 2011

At the Chandler mansion JR speaks with Dr. Burke, Annie's old therapist, on the phone. He appreciates the doctor stopping by to see Annie. As JR hangs up, Marissa enters with AJ. Guess who was fighting on the playground today? AJ whines that he doesn't want his parents to split up. JR and Marissa forgo going to the courthouse to finalize their divorce to sit with AJ. They explain that he is the most important person to them, more than work or anyone else. Hm, we'd like to hear what Annie has to say to that.  At the yacht club Annie is startled to see Dr. Burke at her door. He wants to chat, but Annie says that now is not a good time. She takes Dr. Burke's card and slams the door in his face. Annie then puts the card in a drawer with a photo of JR and AJ and Marissa's chunky bracelet. She grabs a letter opener and heads out the door.  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Fri, January 28, 2011

It's Kendall's first day back at work and she's a mess of nerves. Cara reminds Kendall that she has a check-up with Griffin, but Kendall ignores her and heads directly to Fusion. Hm, we thought she was supposed to be working from home with Madison?  At the hospital Griffin enters as Jake tells David that David has anemia, which means no prison for David anytime soon. When David accuses Jake of tampering with David's tests in order to send him to jail sooner, Griffin assures David that he will make sure his mentor gets better; he is sorry if that means jail.  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Thu, January 27, 2011

Greenlee and Ryan are enjoying a romantic evening at ConFusion where they agree to have their wedding on Valentine's Day. Madison enters and holds herself together when Ryan tells her about his wedding plans. Scott also enters and approaches Greenlee. He reminds her that she can't stop Madison from telling Ryan about their baby. Greenlee knows that; she would prefer Ryan find out after their wedding so that they can have one perfect day before life gets too complicated. Greenlee returns to Ryan as Scott reminds Madison they have a date. Because Scott has about ten dollars to his name, they decide to eat hot dogs in the park. Which is really cold and not great for a pregnant lady, but Madison doesn't seem to mind. She makes Scott feel better by admitting that she squatted at the casino hotel when her dad cut off her trust fund, so she knows how he feels right now. Scott wants to make sure Madison is okay after hearing about Ryan's wedding plans. Madison sighs. She is still standing, isn't she?  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Wed, January 26, 2011

At the Chandler mansion JR listens to Annie's many voice mails. He frowns as he hears the desperation in her voice. AJ enters and tells JR that Annie called him; she really needs to speak with Daddy! Upset JR then leaves a message for Annie: Don't contact my son again and I'll be in touch soon. We're pretty sure that message won't appease Mt. Annie, who is a volcano about the blow.  Annie rushes out of her yacht club suite—looking like a hot mess—when she bumps into Scott. He correctly guesses that Annie and JR use the yacht club as their little "business" place. Scott urges Annie to look in the mirror. Does she really want JR to see her like this? In other words, pull yourself together, woman! Annie realizes Scott is right, but that doesn't stop her from believing that Marissa will make a move on JR at Damon's party.  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Tue, January 25, 2011

At the hospital Cara talks to Jake about the parents who are filing a complaint about her. She claims that they are just emotional and taking out their frustrations on her. Jake—who is chief in Angie's absence—asks why Cara was so hard on those parents when their daughter was not her patient. He gets upset when Cara walks away from him. Sure, go ahead and walk away without any explanation! She's done that before! Scott approaches with a proposal to make things run more efficiently in the hospital, which impresses Jake. When Scott gets a phone call, Jake returns to Cara to demand more answers. Before Cara can explain, Amanda arrives to take Jake to Damon's farewell party. Cara thinks about what Jake said and leaves him a tearful message offering to apologize to the parents. She is hit with the memory of herself as a young girl, lying in a hospital bed connected to tubes. (Aha! That's why Cara was testy with Jake.)  Scott arrives at the mansion to collect his mother and father's belongings. Apparently JR had everything else thrown out. (Heartless, much?) Angry Scott tells JR that he might be a millionaire, but he has nothing inside. Later Scott returns to the hospital where he shares a nice moment with Cara, telling her that he is really trying to turn his life around.  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Mon, January 24, 2011

JR finds Annie in the Chandler mansion living room where she says they need to talk. JR insists he has to go to AJ's parent/teacher conference, but Annie implores him to stay. She wants to know why he postponed divorce proceedings with Marissa. JR tells her not to get crazy on him, which hurts Annie. She reminds him that she is no longer that person in Oak Haven and challenges JR to prove that she is important to him. Finalize the divorce! Marissa arrives, calling out for JR. JR asks Annie to leave—and to trust him. He'll call her later! JR moves to chat with Marissa who reports that the teacher had nothing but good things to say about AJ. She asks JR if he rescheduled the court date yet to finalize their divorce. Is there a reason why he hasn't? Annie listens from the living room, her mouth open, clearly outraged. She is even more upset when she hears JR make lunch plans with Marissa. As Marissa goes to the car, JR attempts to explain himself to Annie, but Annie won't let him off the hook. When Annie says not being with him is killing her, JR promises to set the court date and vows that he needs Annie as much as she needs him. Later at Krystal's Annie tries not to flip out when Emma announces that Ryan and Greenlee are engaged. To make matters worse she sees Marissa and JR enter laughing. JR sees the look on Annie's face and explains he is helping Marissa with decorations for Damon's party. Annie struggles to cover her feelings as she has a hallucination of Marissa and Emma telling her that JR doesn't love her. Annie takes Emma home, but returns later to see Marissa setting up for the party. Annie grabs a knife and stares at Marissa's back. Uh-oh!  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Fri, January 21, 2011

At the hospital Jake welcomes Scott to the staff. Scott thanks him, but is confused. Where is his office? Jake informs him that he doesn't have one and hands him a laptop. It's all he'll need in his position as a data entry clerk. Scott thinks Jake is joking. Jake explains that it's the only position open at the hospital that he was qualified for. As Scott begins set up shop in the hall (come on, Scott, at least go to the cafeteria or lounge), Madison walks by. She's at the hospital for her OBGYN appointment. Scott shares with her the dismal details about his new job. He feels it's beneath him, but Madison thinks it's cool. He was on top of the world and made a mistake. Now, no matter what he's doing, at least he's getting his life back on track. Madison opens up to Scott about her sordid past and how she also had to rebuild her life.  After Madison's appointment, she goes back to Scott, who is still in the hall. While they are talking, Ryan shows up and is surprised to see Madison and Scott together. He wasn't aware that they knew each other. Scott tells him they met at the prison.  Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Thu, January 20, 2011

Ryan and Greenlee awake from making love at the castle where they were first wed. After some mushy talk, Ryan takes out a ring box and tells Greenlee she has taught him what real love is and asks her to marry him. Greenlee's responds, "I want a pre-nup." Ryan knows exactly what his bride to be is referring to—she wants a surprise a day. The mood changes when Ryan gets a text message from Jake informing him David is out of his coma. Greenlee realizes they will have to return to reality, but for now they are just going to live in the moment and enjoy each other. At the Chandler mansion Marissa asks JR if AJ can spend the night. Marissa tells JR that David is awake, and she feels conflicted. She should be happy that her father has come out of his coma, but she doesn't feel that way. There is a part of her that wishes he never woke up. JR encourages her to stay a while and talk about the situation. After some consideration, she agrees. She confides in JR that she can't figure out how she feels about David. Every time she lets down her guard and trusts him, he lets her down. As they talk, JR tells Marissa he would do anything to keep her safe. After a long, tender stare, Marissa changes the subject to the break-in. Has there been any word yet? JR says there have been no new developments, but he has beefed up security. Once Marissa leaves, JR looks at the divorce papers he needs to sign. His phone rings. He sees it's Annie. However, he chooses not to answer. Read More... //

Recap All My Children: Tue, January 18, 2011

At the hospital Amanda asks Jake for his opinion: Should she be spending so much time with Annie given her family history? (Remember her mother Janet "From Another Planet?") Jake assures her again that she is nothing like her mom and spending time with Annie is harmless. Even so, Amanda tells Jake she has cancelled her afternoon plans with her new BFF and is going to hang out in the nursery for a bit. While heading there, she overhears Griffin asking Cara about the state department. He thought she had stopped calling them. When Cara says she has, Griffin is puzzled. Why did the state department tell him they spoke with her yesterday? Amanda, feeling the walls caving in, reveals, "It was me. I made the call."  Amanda explains that she just wanted to know if Cara was telling the truth about wanting to leave the country, but not being able to. Was it just a cover to stay in Pine Valley to be close to Jake? Griffin becomes very protective of his sister, but Cara says it's okay. Amanda apologizes and says she'll back off. She knows Jake loves her more than anything. As Cara walks away she tells the new Mrs. Martin, "It took guts to own up."  Read More... //