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Allegiance Series Premiere Review: The Family That Spies Together...

It's probably unfair to compare Allegiance to The Americans, but even if it didn't have the FX drama to live up to, it still has plenty of its own problems.   Read More... //

Will You Pledge Allegiance to NBC's Russian Spy Drama?

The Spy Who Cooked Me Dinner and Tucked Me Into Bed. That could be an alternate title for NBCs new Russian spy thriller/family drama Allegiance. But did the twisty turns of the covert OConnor clan capture your loyalties during Thursdays series premiere? Before you weigh in with your thoughts, a recap of the pilot: Alex [] //

Allegiance: Series Premiere Review

NBC's spy thriller Allegiance lacks originality, but its two-fold premise is nevertheless intriguing.   Read More... //

NBC gets into the Russian spy game with 'Allegiance'

A pair of former Russian spies are forced to make an impossible choice between their family and their cruel KGB overlords in "Allegiance," a taut espionage drama premiering Thursday, Feb. 5, on NBC.Adapted from a hit Israeli program called "The Gordin Cell," the new series stars Hope Davis ("The Newsroom") and Scott Cohen ("Necessary Roughness") as Katya and Mark O'Connor, who have spent the past 25 years or so living quietly in New York and raising their three children after leaving her native Russia.Of those children, only the eldest, Natalie (Margarita Levieva, "Revenge"), knows the truth about her parents: Katya, the daughter of a KGB general, and Mark, a businessman, have done covert work for the Russian intelligence agency. Natalie, in fact, has also done her share of spying, much against her parents' wishes.The other two O'Connor children -- including middle child Alex (newcomer Gavin Stenhouse), who is just starting a career as an analyst... //

Why 'Allegiance' is not 'The Americans'

An "American" couple that's trying to keep their Russian spy identities secret from their family that has emerging curiosities about their parents' nocturnal habits. You must be talking about "The Americans," right?No, that's also the premise of NBC's new spy drama "Allegiance" -- but the show only resembles the FX hit when you boil it down to a one sentence description. However, "Allegiance" makes sure to separate itself from "The Americans" in the very first episode.First of all, the O'Connor family are reluctant spies. Katya (Hope Davis) and Mark (Scott Cohen) came to the United States as active agents, but their primary focus is on preserving their family life and protecting their children. They are pulled back into active service when their son Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) is put on a case for the CIA that could blow their covers."This is fundamentally a family drama about people who really do not want to be spies,... //

Review: With 'Allegiance,' NBC plays the TV imitation game

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Allegiance," the new NBC spy drama starring Hope Davis and Scott Cohen as retired Russian deep cover operatives forced to recruit their CIA agent son.   Read More... //

NBC's 'Allegiance': How It Stacks Up to the Israeli Original

An Israeli journalist assesses how the critical darling, 'The Gordin Cell,' compares to its U.S. remake.   Read More... //

NBC's 'Allegiance' places its trust in Hope Davis

There is one good reason to watch NBC's new spy thriller "Allegiance," which premieres Thursday, and that's Hope Davis.   Read More... //

Allegiance Review: NBC Cold War Drama Never Heats Up, Says Dominic Patten

Debuting on February 5 at 10 PM after The Blacklist , NBC s Allegiance brings the Russians back as America's enemy in a post-9/11 world. The series stars Hope Davis as a dormant Russian spy and mother of three and Scott Cohen as her businessman husband. With a blast from the past, the duo are forced to turn their eldest son an unknowing CIA analyst into an asset for the Motherland.   Read More... //

Television Review: Hope Davis Stars in Allegiance on NBC

Allegiance, on NBC, joins the FX drama The Americans, the Showtime series Homeland and NBCs own State of Affairs in the prime-time espionage sweepstakes.  Read More... //