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Allen Gregory “Mom Sizemore” Review

Allen Gregory  "Mom Sizemore" Season 1, Episode 6  – At last, a character is introduced to  Allen Gregory ‘s world who is not only immune to his manipulative abuse, but who is in a rare position to effectively wield authority over him. Allen Gregory ‘s scheme to locate his biological mother  starts out like most of his other cunning endeavors, but unlike the school faculty , Sheila has nothing that  Allen Gregory  can hold ransom if she refuses to comply with his demands.  Allen Gregory  needed Sheila but she didn’t necessarily need him. Sheila’s comfortable parenting was like a breath of  fresh air . She happily took on the mothering role with Allen Gregory  and Julie providing love, structure, and discipline in the DeLongpre household. Motivated by a fear of losing the mother he just found,  Allen Gregory  briefly allowed Sheila to have some influence over him. Unfortunately he ultimately decided that he’d rather be spoiled than have a real mother. Read More... //

ALLEN GREGORY “Full Blown Maids” Review

ALLEN GREGORY  "Full Blown Maids" Season 1, Episode 5 – I’m at a point with  Allen Gregory  where I need each episode to give me at least a tiny reason to sympathize with these mostly detestable main characters. Last week we saw Richard DeLongpre for the fool he really was and seeing some balance in that world made the episode significantly more engaging. Unfortunately, in this week’s episode we return to a world where  Allen Gregory  and his father somehow manage to be awful human beings and still come out on top. Having been raised by Richard DeLongpre,  Allen Gregory  assumes that his Hispanic  classmate, Guillermo, is a school janitor and attempts to fire Guillermo for refusing to clean up a mess that he had made at lunch. Despite having spent some time with Guillermo last week, and despite Guillermo being at Joel’s side since the start of the series, the arrogant  Allen Gregory  appears to have no recollection of him whatsoever. At this point, I’m ready to watch  Allen Gregory  drown in his own ignorance as the real world of public school gives him an attitude  adjustment. Read More... //

ALLEN GREGORY “Interracial McAdams” Review

ALLEN GREGORY  "Interracial McAdams" Season 1, Episode 4 – In an attempt to get on Joel Zadak’s good side,  Allen Gregory  takes on the role of caregiver and field reporter when Joel gets sick and has to stay home from school. Without Joel around to push him out of his elite circle,  Allen Gregory  rather easily talks his way into Joel’s clique. Although he’s quick to dump Patrick for the cool kids, he is only spending time with Joel’s friends so he can get close to Joel.  Allen Gregory  seems to love Joel more than women, popularity, and friendship and he has little interest in actually replacing Joel as the top dog at school. Allen Gregory ‘s friends all commented that they liked how nice  Allen Gregory  was, and even if he wasn’t being totally genuine, it was nice to see him not be such a complete jerk all the time. Unfortunately, Patrick still got the raw end of the deal and in a move to help return Joel to his rightful place in the school yard pack, the nasty side of  Allen Gregory ‘s personality had to pop up again. Read More... //

ALLEN GREGORY “Gay School Dance” Review

ALLEN GREGORY  "Gay School Dance" Season 1, Episode 3  – After  Allen Gregory  was forced to drink toilet water by Joel and his buddies, Richard DeLongpre decides the best way to get   Allen Gregory  what he wants is to ensure that the school  dance be a "Gay School Dance" so that Joel and Allen Gregory  would be  forced to spend quality time together. Although there’s no indication that school policy prohibits kids from asking fellow students of their own gender to the dance , Richard pulls the anti-gay discrimination card on Principal Gottleib. She is opposed to the idea, arguing that the school can’t force kids to be straight or gay but after Richard threatens to call Superintendent Rossmore, Principal Gottleib buckles and Richard takes charge of organizing the dance. Read More... //

ALLEN GREGORY “1 Night in Gottlieb” Review

ALLEN GREGORY  "1 Night in Gottlieb" Season 1 , Episode 2  – Although I mostly enjoyed last week’spilot episode  of  Allen Gregory , tonight’s episode took a tumble as I was overwhelmed with how truly mean spirited most of the characters  on this show are. If a character isn’t a jerk, then the character is probably the victim of a jerk and I’m not particularly interested in watching a half hour comedy about bullies and being bullied . After  Allen Gregory  found out that Joel, his class rival, had publicly exchanged bracelets with his girlfriend,  Allen Gregory  began scheming a plot to one-up Joel in a duel of commitment. The scheme that  Allen Gregory  came up with involved spreading rumors about his own alleged sex tape with Principal Gottleib as proof of their relationship status. Despite the kids at Feldstien Elementary being totally clueless about what a sex tape is, they take the bait and before long Joel is playing into  Allen Gregory ‘s game. Counselor Sidney Lampis, who happened to be Principal Gottlieb’s common law husband, was also sucked into  Allen Gregory ‘s sex tape shenanigans. He is so threatened by  Allen Gregory  that he’s driven to the brink of madness as he tries to determine if Principal Gottlieb could actually be in love with  Allen Gregory . Read More... //

'Allen Gregory' - 'Pilot': Little big man

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'Allen Gregory': Is FOX's new kid on Lisa and Stewie's level?

There's a long history of grown-up-beyond-their-years kids on television, in live-action shows and particularly in animated series. Sunday nights on FOX, you can watch Lisa Simpson, Stewie Griffin and Rallo Tubbs usually be a step or two ahead of the adults in their world.They were joined Sunday (Oct. 30) by Allen Gregory De Longpre, the title character in the new series "Allen Gregory." He's worldly, he's pampered and he's 7 years old. He's also a little off-putting.Jonah Hill voices the character and also co-created the show, which puts the impossibly erudite Allen -- home-schooled and essentially turned into a pint-sized, very entitled grown-up by his dad Richard (French Stewart) -- into the wilds of kid-dom for the first time in his life. It does not go well.Lisa, Stewie and Rallo (and Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory," and a number of other cartoon children) are often the smartest (or smart-aleck-est) people in the room, but they're also... //

Review: FOX's 'Allen Gregory' dragged down by irritating title character

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Reviews: 'Allen Gregory' Disappoints But 'Beavis and Butt-Head' Rock Their Return

MTV has produced a lot of iconic images over the years, but when it comes to audio, its finest achievement may be a pair of unmistakable giggles. 'Beavis and Butt-head' (10PM ET Thursday, MTV) and their instantly recognizable "heheh hehehes" are back, but the news that Mike Judge and the network were resuscitating the slacker duo was a little scary when it emerged last year. I have many fond memories of the way Beavis and Butt-head fearlessly and sophomorically commented on the overblown music videos and pop-culture icons of the '90s, but in a few years, I'll be exiting television's most desirable demographic, and I probably left MTV's a decade or two ago. Would new-school Beavis and Butt-head have relevance for those unfamiliar with their breathy giggles or would the show return as a musty and ultimately irrelevant museum piece aimed at the nostalgia crowd? //