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'Almost Human' season finale recap: The Last Straw

Kennex and Dorian pursue a vicious serial killer with ties to Kennex's late father.   Read More... //

Almost Human Season Finale Review: A New Leg to Stand On

In its Season 1 finale, Almost Human answered a few questions, but probably not the ones you wanted it to.   Read More... //

'Almost Human' Season Finale Recap: Kennex and Dorian at Their Best Together

Almost Human  closed out its first season with one of the strongest episodes of the season. "Straw Man" started out as a typical homicide case, but quickly became much more. It was about a 10 year old serial killer case that involved Kennex's father.   Read More... //

Almost Human Review: Not Quite Human

Tonight's  Almost Human  wasn't the best of the season, but it wasn't the worst. It was, for all intents and purposes, a solid episode of the freshman Fox program.  And that's saying a lot for a series which has been plagued by uneven storytelling and a lack of cohesion of its story arcs. There's been little mention of Insyndicate. We haven't gotten more information about the ambush that cost Kennex his human partner. Maldonado remains pretty wooden.  Read More... //

Almost Human 1.13 Review: ”Straw Man”

When you are dealing with a procedural show that features different stories every week, it’s difficult to predict what a season finale is going to be like. With  Almost Human ,  that was certainly the case. The case of the week was at certain points in “Straw Man” a boring case to follow, but it got more interesting towards the end. What was unexpected though was the enormous focus on both Dorian and John, individually. For most part of the episode, it was about Dorian and him getting evaluated. The scenes where John, Rudy etc were giving their opinions were some of the best moments of the finale, especially with Rudy saying that he trusts Dorian so much that he would trust him with his baby if he ever had any. Out of all supporting characters, the writing for Rudy is the one that stand out the most. Read More... //


“Straw Man” was a fitting closer for Almost Human’s freshman Season. This show has spent the last 13 episodes exploring how to strike a balance between all of its various elements. This is a buddy cop series, set in the future, that is in many ways a procedural, but still aims to satisfy the desires of an audience that has an appetite for serialized storytelling. Over the last couple of weeks, the landscape of the show has been expanded. We’ve been introduced to the wall, and now we’re seeing some of the darker, more impoverished portions of what had previously looked like an extraordinarily slick city. As mentioned in my initial review of the series, one of J.H. Wyman’s greatest strengths is world-building. The more of this universe I’ve seen, the more invested in it I’ve become. It’s started to feel layered, there’s depth to this culture, and if nothing else, it’s certainly an engaging place to visit each week. Read More... //

Almost Human strives for a Gattaca future, but it doesn't quite connect

This week's Almost Human takes us back into the world of the beautiful and brilliant genetically engineered "chromes"—people whose parents used their wealth an prestige to purchase perfect lives. But in a world where perfection can be achieved through technology, some people will do anything to become perfect. //

Almost Human Season 1 Review “Straw Man”

I was hoping that the ratings for  Almost Human  would have ticked up last week since it was no longer going on up against the Olympics, but instead, the opposite happened. The ratings dropped down even further, staying barely above 5 million viewers, which is not very many for a primetime show on FOX. I’m hoping tonight’s season finale “Straw Man” draws in some more viewers, and that FOX will give this fledgling drama a second season. If this is the last episode we ever get, though, then it’s a fittingly personal one for John Kennex. I think we’ve only ever heard John mention his dad once, so it was great to hear more about him as John has to investigate an old case of his. John’s dad was played by John Diehl, who you might recognize from playing a cop in Los Angeles on  The Shield , so it looks like he’s staying within his wheelhouse with this role. Read More... //

'Almost Human' recap: Eye of the Beholder

Detective Stahl is caught between two worlds when the team investigates a killer targeting "chromes".  Read More... //

'Almost Human' Recap: Killing for Nothing

Crazy killers exist today and they're still around in the future on Almost Human.  In "Beholder," people were killed as a side effect of a procedure to steal their facial features. The killer probably would have gotten away with it if he hadn't targeted a Chrome. Once he made that mistake, it was only a matter of time before he was caught.  Read More... //