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Alone Season 5 Premiere Teaser: Mongolia "Harshest and Most Remote" Yet!

Alone Season 5 takes place in the remote parts of Mongolia, If you thought previous Alone seasons were harsh, it looks like you're in for a big surprise. Ten previous contestants return this season for the fight of their lives and the title of champion. They already know from their experience that being on Alone isn't a walk in the park. It psychologically and physically tough and will push you to your limits.  ..Read More...

What Can We Expect from Alone Season 4 on The History Channel?

The History Channel is famous for providing viewers with original programming that centers on a large variety of incredibly interesting topics. Although all of their television shows are great, Alone may very well be the best of the bunch, and the exciting news is that the premiere of Season 4 is very very close. This reality thriller is based around the premise of ultimate survival. In each of the first three seasons of Alone a total of ten contestants are dropped into some of the harshest environments on planet Earth. They are only allowed to bring ten survival items, some  ...Read More... //

History's "Alone" Returns with a Twist for Season 4 on Thursday, June 15 at 10PM ET/PT

In season four, seven teams of two will be separated and dropped miles apart with two ultimate goals: navigate the brutal, unforgiving terrain of Vancouver Island in an attempt to locate their isolated partner and, once reunited, survive as long as they can.   ...Read More... //

History(R)'s Hit Survival Series "Alone" Renewed for Season Three in South America Ahead of the Season Two Premiere

The second season of "Alone" premieres tomorrow April 21 at 9:00/8:00c.    Read More... //

'Alone' Renewed for Season 2 by History

HISTORY is renewing its hit series Alone for a second season, it was announced today by Paul Cabana, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, HISTORY.   Read More... //