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Alphas: "Gaslight" Review

I had never heard of the term "gaslighting" before, so when Bill said "Don't try to  gaslight me, Hicks!" I had to use the ol' Google machine to figure it out. It turns out "gaslighting" is an abusive brainwashing technique wherein the abuser makes the victim think there's something wring with them. As in, they're mentally deficient and imagining their problems. As an episode, "Gaslight" was a fun ride - evoking some of the haunted spacecraft elements of Event Horizon - that gave us a peek further inside Stanton Parish's agenda. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/21/alphas-gaslight-review  

Alphas "Gaslight" Review: Gary's Anatomy

There were lots of little things to like in last night's episode of Alphas , "Gaslight," mostly related to the show's big picture. But I was less enthused that "Gaslight" was a haunted-hospital episode that departed from the series' regular tone; it was basically an amateur horror movie, complete with plenty of blinking fluorescent bulbs. But in this "take the good with the bad" scenario, we can dismiss the bad (and really, it wasn't all THAT bad) as confined to the episode and not a sign that Alphas as a whole is...   //www.tv.com/news/alphas-gaslight-review-garys-anatomy-29403/

Alphas Review: Dark and Twisty Redirects

I’m really unsure of what to think about " Gaslight. " On one hand I enjoyed how two separate plots tied together near the end, the callbacks to last season, and the metaphors for our characters, but on the other hand the case was so, to borrow a Grey’s Anatomy phrase, dark and twisty that the elements that were superb ended up being dragged down by the mediocre. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/08/alphas-review-dark-and-twisty-redirects/

Alphas “Gaslight” Review

This week’s episode of  Alphas , "Gaslight" was a lot like walking through a fun-house at a carnival: at first, the the confusion is amusing, but after a while, you just want the insanity to stop so you can get out and get back to reality. Because so much time was spent on mentally torturing the  Alphas  while they were trapped in their spooky infrasound illusions, "Gaslight" seemed weak in terms of plot. We got a bunch of hospital horror scenes but not much in terms of story progression or character  development. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/08/21/alphas-gaslight-review/