American Dreams

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American Dreams

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on NBC
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3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
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In this comedy-family-drama about the early 1960's, the Pryor family deals with racism, feminism, adolescence, rock and roll, and general family issues. The daughter, Meg Pryor, dances on the show of the era American Bandstand while learning about love thanks to her less mainstream boyfriend, Luke, and about acceptance with her interracial friendship with her father's employee's son Sam. Patty Pryor, the youngest daughter learns how to grow up in a time of political and social turmoil along with her disabled younger brother Will. The oldest son JJ learns about love with his tumultuous relationship with his wealthy girlfriend Beth. All this time a war rages on in Vietnam and a family struggles to stay together in this controversial era


No Way Out

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American Dreams S2E19
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As the anti-war movement gains momentum, Meg and Sam get caught in the crossfire at an anti-war rally and finds themselves taking a stand that may have severe consequences in their future. Jack also takes a stand on Beth and her marital status as he begin

Episode Reviews

by deezombie

Oct 23, 2014

Ancient Aliens is truly fascinating. Thought provoking, historical, and at times... a real giggle! I love being intrigued by everywhere they take me, and always wait for the grand ancient alien theorist postulations. Their ideas can be at times so on point it's disturbing, though others tied to the storyline by nothing more than chewing gum and a wee bit of string!

by Graziella Formosa

Aug 28, 2015

Raises some really interesting questions but has failed to capture my attention beyond a couple of episodes as I found it quite repetitive. Still worth a try if you like documentaries based on aliens and history.

by Locteau

Oct 22, 2014

Really enjoy this, as an opener on conspiracy, UFO etc... it will make you think and intrigued, but don't get paranoid :-)

by spiderwing

Jul 23, 2014

Silly fun.

My husband claims it's a great learning tool for critical thinking, but I think it's better to just put your brain in neutral and wait for the big 'did they really just say that?!" moments. Pay attention to which experts say what, and who is cut off in mid sentence.

I'm not sayin' it's aliens, but... it's aliens!

by jeff68040

Feb 16, 2020

This show is the absolute BEST show to fall asleep to -- you get the gist of the episode in the first couple minutes, can then close your eyes because all the visuals are irrelevant, and it remains just interesting enough to distract from real life concerns and bring on those weird alien dreams.