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Lee Reherman, 'Hawk' on 'American Gladiators,' Dies at 49

After 'Gladiators' ended in 1996, Reherman went on to make numerous appearances in movies and TV shows.   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/fmyx6MIZF3I/story01.htm

Shows and Movies that Will Make You Say, "God Bless America!" - Featured

In honor of the forthcoming Independence Day celebration, here is a list of movies and television shows that will bring a proud tear to your eye and have you saying, "God bless America!" The Die Hard Series: John McClane is America's answer to that stuffy limey, James Bond. Where Bond is an effete superspy, McClane is a rugged New York detective. Bond uses gadgets while McClane uses gusto. Bond kills baddies in a three piece suit; McClane is so blue-collar he doesn't even wear a collar, opting for that grimy tank top. John McClane: the ultimate go-it-alone cowboy. Yippee ki yay mother... The Biggest Loser : A show where people who have ballooned to impossible mass work out vigorously for months just to return to the average weight of a human being is, somehow, uniquely American. 24 : The debate rages on over torture, its efficacy and morality, and whether or not it is "American," but one man ain't afraid to use some "enhanced interrogation techniques" to protect our asses. Jack Bauer, we salute you. The Patriot : Our forefathers were pretty hardcore. Any movie where a man gets impaled by an American flag deserves to be on the list, and is enough to overlook the fact that the lead is played by a stinkin' Aussie. Quit outsourcing American jobs, Hollywood! An American Tail: Fievel Goes West: A movie that captures both the immigrants' story and the taming of the frontier, the story of Fievel Mousekewitz should be taught in every American history class. No movie better explains how the West was won--by adorable Jewish mice. Friday Night Lights : In other (less civilized) parts of the world they call soccer football. You know what we call soccer? Boring. Football is a full-contact, balls out, collision sport--nay--way of life! Not a 90 minute game of keep-away played without hands. Independence Day : Look at the title for heaven's sake! It's right there. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum defend the country from illegal aliens. I'm not ashamed to say it: every time I see Randy Quaid fly his F-18 into the soft spot of that mother ship, I cry. American Gladiators : The finest display of power and grace seen on earth, American Gladiators should have a dedicated channel, and Nitro should be our president. Remember, by no means is this a comprehensive list, so please feel free to add any "true American classics" in the comments section below.

American Gladiator Might Be Captain America, Conan

/Film has received a tip that Mike O'Hearn, better known (only known) as the American Gladiator Titan (aka, the one who occasionally turns into a blonde Hulk), revealed to an Omaha radio show that he's up for the leads in Conan and Captain America. I don't know about this. Sure, he has the physique, but an American Gladiator playing Captain America. I mean, yeah, when I say it like that it sounds like it makes perfect sense, but come on. What are this guy's qualifications? Let's see what NBC.com has to say: With nearly godlike strength and skill, he is the ultimate warrior. Able to physically dominate foes with his impressive physique, he is equally adept at mind games and will attempt to mentally defeat opponents before the battle even begins. Titan is a double threat who will find a way to win... one way or another. For more from the source, click here .

American Gladiators Grand Finale is Here!

The American Gladiators 2-hour grand-finale airs on NBC Monday, August 4th at 8/7c, so don't miss out! Take a look at the finale contenders and see just who might be the final champion: Preview the Grand-Finale Contenders Photo courtesy of NBC.com

Titan to Hulk out on American Gladiators

NBC just announced that it will air a special Incredible Hulk-themed episode of American Gladiators on July 9, four days before the movie hits theaters! Read more

Less Than 5 Million Viewed Gladiators

Seems like the beginning of NBC's big "All American" Summer is already a flop. Fewer than 5 million viewers watched the return of American Gladiators last night. It was the worst performer of the night out of all of the major networks. Source: E!Online

American Gladiators Returns with New Challenges!

American Gladiators returns for the summer with some all new challenges, plus a last season's winner as a new gladiator, so check out all the new gladiator goodness for Season 2! American Gladiators Returns On NBC Photo courtesy of NBC.com

Series Returns

According to NBC.com, American Gladiator will be premiering season 2 on May 12th 8/7c.