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A war is brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of biblical and mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs.
Oct 15, 2017 8:43AM EDT

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Some people seem to be falling over themselves to say how amazing this is, well I just don't see it.. 6 episodes in and I want to see where it goes but how we are getting there is incredibly tedious and boring with fleeting moments of intrigue.. Overkill seems to be the order of the day the soundtrack for example is a relentless screechfest of jazz?? I really don't know if it can even be pinned to the genre it's just terrible.. accompanied by a slow motion overload which is beyond repetitive and unlike some seem to think it shows a complete lack of imagination as it is used time and time again for little to no effect. As I said the overall narrative is intriguing, Ian McShane is impressive the visuals at times can be stunning but as a cohesive piece of entertainment it is poorly executed. One thing I don't understand from other reviews is how they can be 'riveted' I'm watching it at times thinking can that infernal music stop or can we move the plot along here this is boring me so much I've had a peek at my phone something I never do when watching a riveting piece of film or television. It's one of those TV shows where you think something good might just be round the corner so you keep watching, I just hope that unlike some others it actually appears.


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