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American Horror Story: Cult Star Leslie Grossman StudioWrap Portraits (Exclusive Photos)

Actress Leslie Grossman, star of American Horror Story: Cult, stops by TheWrap for an interview and photo session.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/american-horror-story-cult-star-leslie-grossman-studiowrap-portraits-exclusive-photos/

8 Ways American Horror Story: Cult Could End Most of Which Are Bad

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if youre not caught up onAmerican Horror Story: Cult) American Horror Story: Cult has somehow been both the slowest burning and most action-packed season of the entire anthology, all at the same time. So its no wonder that we honestly have no idea what will go down when the finale airs on Tuesday. Well, we have afewideas, but nothing definitive. Also, they are all pretty much bummers. Heres every way we think Cult could end. Just a heads up though, this writer is pretty sure none of them are everyone drinks the Kool-Aid. Probably.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/american-horror-story-cult-finale-how-it-will-end/

American Horror Story: Cult Star Leslie Grossman Talks Mass Shooting Episode (Exclusive Video)

For its seventh installment, Ryan Murphys American Horror Story traded in supernatural elements for more grounded storylines that tapped into the audiences real-life fears. To do so, the FX horror-anthology used the divisive 2016 presidential election as a jumping-off point, a decision that had some skeptics rolling their eyes. After all, the season premiered less than a year after the events it depicted, events that were already being rehashed in politics and media on a daily basis.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/american-horror-story-cult-leslie-grossman-mass-shooting-episode-video/

American Horror Story: Cult's Secret Weapon Was Leslie Grossman

American Horror Story: Cult , we've put up with a lot this season. There were the clowns, the holes, the clowns, the nails in the head , the clowns and the Manson murders reenactment, to name a few. Even for American Horror Story , there were times when Cult has felt extra extra . But for the first half   ...Read More... http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-cult-leslie-grossman-meadow-wilton/?rss=breakingnews

Who Will Survive American Horror Story: Cult?

The American Horror Story: Cult finale will deliver the final showdown between Kai and Ally we've all been waiting for. Although we expect plenty of twists and turns before the final credits roll, there's one thing we're fairly certain of: almost everyone will probably die.   ...Read More... http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-cult-finale-who-will-die/?rss=breakingnews

American Horror Story: Cult: 7 Burning Questions the Finale Needs to Answer

As American Horror Story: Cult careens towards its conclusion next week, no one can predict how the season is going to end. Like the 2016 presidential election that Cult has used as its backdrop, anything is possible. And the final outcome could very well be disastrous. In the final moments of this   ...Read More...   http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-cult-finale-burning-questions/?rss=breakingnews

American Horror Story: Cult': Yep, Charles Manson Is Still Alive

(Spoiler alert: Please dont read on if you havent watched Tuesdays episode of American Horror Story: Cult) American Horror Story: Cult continued to mix real-life cult leaders with its fictional one, played by Evan Peters, in the seasons 10th episode Tuesday night. This time, Peters played both his usual character, Kai Anderson, and the king of cult leaders, Charles Manson. Like last week, the FX horror anthology told some of the real story of the cults that have inspired the show. This week, it did the same with the horrific story of some of the Manson Family murders in 1969 which really happened.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/american-horror-story-cult-yep-charles-manson-still-alive/

How 'AHS: Cult' Re-created the Manson Family Murders

'American Horror Story: Cult' flashed back to Charles Manson and his followers' infamous murder of Sharon Tate.   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/oxS_neYiiTk/american-horror-story-cult-recreates-manson-murders-1056003

Does This American Horror Story: Cult Theory Reveal How the Season Ends?

  With only two episodes left in American Horror Story: Cult , the end is nigh, and one savvy fan thinks they might know how the brewing war between Ally ( Sarah Paulson ) and Kai ( Evan Peters ) will come to a head. Reddit user Supreme000 shared their theory earlier this week, and we have to admit, it   ...Read More... http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-cult-finale-theory-bebe-babbitt/?rss=breakingnews

Angela Bassett Is Totally Down to Appear in American Horror Story's Murder House-Coven Crossover Season

Although Angela Bassett 's contract with American Horror Story is finished , the actress would be more than happy to return to Ryan Murphy 's twisted universe for the anticipated Murder House - Coven crossover season. Bassett hasn't discussed the possibility with Murphy yet (she didn't even know the   ...Read More... http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-murder-house-coven-angela-bassett/?rss=breakingnews