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'American Idol' Top 10 Predictions: Who Is Going Home?

Now that it's Top 10 week, each of this year's finalists has only nine other singers standing in the way of being crowned the winner on May 16. But that only means they have to step it up or they may find themselves in danger of going home. //www.buddytv.com/articles/american-idol/american-idol-top-10-predictio-49521.aspx

‘American Idol’: Nicki Minaj Gets Stuck in Traffic

If you’re Nicki Minaj, apparently you can be late for work. A recap of "American Idol." //blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/03/13/american-idol-nicki-minaj-gets-stuck-in-traffic/?mod=WSJBlog

'American Idol' Season 12 Finalists Interviews

American Idol Season 12 Finalists, including Amber Holcomb, Angela Miller, Burnell Taylor, Candice Glover, Curtis Finch Jr, Janelle Arthur, Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos and Paul Jolley talk with HitFix's Daniel Fienberg. //www.hitfix.com/the-fien-print/american-idol-season-12-finalists-interviews

'American Idol' Top 10 finalists: Amber Holcomb rounds out a pretty strong night

Time to get serious, "American Idol" fans. It's the Top 10, singing songs of past Idols, so that ought to be interesting. 1. Curtis Finch Jr., "I Believe," FantasiaWe figured either Curtis or Candice would snag this song. It's not our favorite Idol coronation song, but it's actually a lot nicer in Curtis' lower voice than Fantasia's nasal shriek (sorry, we have never been fans of her voice). Wow, Curtis is busting out the gospel choir right out of the gates. Vocally, this is really nice. He's being very controlled and we love how he builds the song, instead of just going full-out right from the opening notes. We aren't sure if that paisley jacket is the best thing ever, or if Curtis has been dumpster diving behind Randy's house. Maybe both. Keith compliments his song choice, but cautions him to watch his pitch. Randy mentions the jacket first, because of course he does. He... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/american-idol-top-10-finalists-amber-holcomb-rounds-out-a-pretty-strong-night.html

'American Idol': Kree Harrison should just cut a record now

Kree Harrison - Crying - American Idol 12 (Top 10) by IdolxMuzicThere are some very, very good singers on "American Idol" this year, but for our money, Kree Harrison is ready to go. She could be a huge country star, like, yesterday. For the "songs former Idols sang" theme, she took on Carrie Underwood's "Crying" from back in Season 4. And it was stupendous. Keith Urban has just as much love for Kree as we have, saying, "You could sing the phonebook, baby. I love your voice so much. If you made a record tomorrow, I would go and buy that record."Nicki Minaj babbles something about waffles, then Randy adds, "Every time you get up, it just makes me feel good all over. You have one of those infectious voices" and Mariah finishes with, "It's obvious that you have an enormous range, you can sing any kind of song. You can't help but emote, you... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/american-idol-kree-harrison-should-just-cut-a-record-now.html

'American Idol': Candice Glover puts an R&B spin on a Jordin Sparks classic

Candice Glover - I Who Have Nothing - American... by IdolxMuzicFor the theme of singing songs past "American Idol" contestants performance, Candice Glover took on what was our favorite Jordin Sparks performance in Season 6 with "I (Who Have Nothing)." She chose to put her own R&B spin on it, which we didn't like as well as Sparks' stripped down version. However, Candice has a huge instrument and it was still an amazing vocal. Nicki sums it up pretty well with, "It would be in everybody's best interest to never, ever perform that song ever again." Randy adds, "This was one of the greatest performances on the show this Season 12 of 'Idol.' That was incredible."What did you think, "Idol" fans? We still give the edge to Jordin in terms of raw emotion, but Candice did a fantastic job.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/american-idol-candice-glover-puts-an-rb-spin-on-a-jordin-sparks-classic.html

'American Idol': Angie Miller channels Kelly Clarkson while singing Celine Dion

Taking on a song performed first on "American Idol" by the now-legendary Kelly Clarkson is a risk. Angie Miller took that risk in her first live, competitive performance -- and she pretty much rocked the universe singing Celine Dion's "I Surrender."Angie rocked the judges' table anyway. Not one of the four had anything but praise for the singing/piano-playing sensation. Keith Urban started out the praise-fest by citing the song itself: "As do I... surrender," Urban gushed. "You're such an artist!"Nicki Minaj focused her comments on Angie's look, which she loved just as much as she loved the singing. "Your legs are giving me everything I needed in life today," Minaj said in a particularly Nicki fashion. "I can't critique on anything." Of course, Minaj still wished that Angie had come back out to play piano while she sang.Following his patented "Yo!" beginning, Randy Jackson pointed out that Angie Miller had provided the first performance... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/american-idol-angie-miller-channels-kelly-clarkson-while-singing-celine-dion.html

'American Idol': Nicki Minaj gets stuck in traffic, misses the show's beginning

The traffic in Los Angeles is legendary and now it has claimed another victim -- Nicki Minaj got stuck in that traffic on the way to the Wednesday (March 13) "American Idol" taping. As a result, only three of the four judges were present for the beginning of the performances.We first found out what was up when Ryan Seacrest pointed out an absence at the judges' table. Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson were all present, but Nicki's seat was conspicuously empty. At least it didn't remain a mystery for too long. Seacrest was still behind the table when he pointed out that Minaj was stuck in traffic and would be in the studio as soon as possible. There was some confusion as to whether the traffic jam was on federal highway 101 or on Interstate 405. Not that it matters -- both highways are notoriously bad in the hours surrounding rush hour... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/american-idol-nicki-minaj-gets-stuck-in-traffic-misses-the-shows-beginning.html