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'America's Got Talent' Goes to the Birds

August 14 will forever be known as the night America's Got Talent went to the birds (and by "forever," I mean until Wednesday at roughly 2pm). Just one bird, actually. As if the hockey-like season wasn't long enough, we were treated to a YouTube-Snapple crapfest in our post-Olympic return to live performances. Tuesday marked exactly three months and 22 episodes since the premiere, and for the better part of two hours, the best act was a cockatoo named Kitten who flew from the top a building and through the audience to trainer Clint Carvalho. When a gust of wind can blow a door shut and not only derail your act, but also threaten your talent's life, something tells me the act is lacking a bit. Or maybe that's just the danger of it. Carvalho even touted the "Evel Knievel" of birds as "freefalling" 130-feet to start the trick. Um, Clint, the bird has wings. It's not like we're hoping a parachute opens. It's a bird , for crying out loud, which makes the whole "plummeting to earth" thing a bit less suspenseful. And is it supposed to be ironic that the bird is named after something that eats birds? //www.buddytv.com/articles/americas-got-talent/americas-got-talent-goes-to-th-47057.aspx