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ANTM: When Will Dominique GO AWAY?

Seriously, we are down to the final 4 on this cycle of America's Next Top Model and Dominique is still on the show . I am sorry. Dominique is certainly not an ugly girl, but final four in a modeling competition?? Have the judges gone mad?? But let's rewind just a little and discuss the entire episode: We start off with Fatima - who takes a backstep after I had declared a few weeks ago that she had transformed herself into someone who is more or less likeable. Fatima acts ridiculously cocky at the beginning of this episode and it is not becoming, calling Katarzyna boring and asserting that she has no competition from any of the other girls. The challenge of the week is learning some gladiator poses and then getting 5 chances to do the poses in a photo with a real live man gladiator (though not Russell Crowe...). It served Fatima right that she was the worst in this challenge. Whitney and Anya are identified as the best and Whitney is chosen as the winner. She receives a shopping spree that she can share or keep for herself and I am utterly shocked that she decides to share it with Anya. The photo shoot this week takes place inside of a castle and it is revealed that Tyra will be doing the shoot. Somehow, despite the fact that Dominique looks like Cruella Deville (according to the judges) and Tyra later reveals that she wasn't even excited to shoot her, Dominique pulls off one of the better pictures of the evening. Fatima also redeemed herself for her poor earlier showing in the challenge. During judging, Tyra makes a point of telling Anya and Fatima that they both look cute, adorable and modelesque. Dominique, on the other hand, is told that she looks like a hostess. I think they should have added 'aging and diseased' to their description. Seriously, in person Dominique looks like a retired hooker. The worst photos of the night came from Whitney and Katarzyna. That being said, neither of them were really that bad. In terms of Katarzyna, the judges think that during the photoshoots she is working too much with her brain instead of with her eyes. Basically, I interpret this to mean that Katarzyna is too smart to be a model. How dare she use her brain so much during the photoshoots! Sadly for Katarzyna, her brain and dead eyes were her kiss of death, despite the fact that she looks 1000x more like a model than Dominique (who wasn't even in the bottom 2). Tyra tells Dominique that she doesn't necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but that she should look through her wardrobe and "find who Dominique is". This statement makes no sense to me, because the problem is that both Dominique and her wardrobe are gross, both of which certainly would require money to fix. Seriously, if Dominique doesn't get eliminated next week I might consider a boycott. If she wins they will have to retitle the program as 'America's Next Top Aging Hooker'.