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Tatianna Kern Eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14, Episode 5

America's Next Top Model wasn't all laughs for Tatianna Kern, as she was eliminated from the competition tonight. The episode had the girls sensually posing alongside comedian Ross Matthews, and although it was fun at first, it didn't go so well at panel. Criticized for being inconsistent with her performance, the 21-year-old Tatianna failed to impress the judges once more and was booted out of America's Next Top Model. This volunteer mortician just couldn't get past those made-up dead eyes. Kern did have some noteworthy moments throughout the cycle. In the previous episode, she managed to win the CoverGirl commercial challenge. She impressed actress Dania Ramirez, the guest judge, by showing personality on camera. Taking note of past CoverGirl commercials, Tatianna decided that it would be best to have an over-the-top routine. She flipped her hair ecstatically and smiled wide, trying to sell the product that they were assigned to. To Read More Click Here .

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14: Preview of Episode 5 'Smile and Pose'

You might just roll on the floor laughing at America's Next Top Model tonight, but don't we always? Comedian Ross Matthews joins the girls for their photoshoot, making the models lose their focus. If that was their intention, they should've just presented Tyra in another flesh-toned outfit to them. Anyway, "Smile and Pose" has the remaining contestants cracking up while thinking up a sensual pose for the shoot. To make things even more difficult, they have photographer Nigel Barker standing outside, two floors below the studio. You can catch Krista explain the rules on the sneak peeks after the jump. That is, after we get a shot of ego from Angelea. To Read More Click Here .

PHOTOS & Previews: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL "Smile and Pose" Cycle 14 Episode 5

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of an upcoming episode of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL "Smile and Pose" Cycle 14 Episode 5 which will air on April 7 at 8pm on the CW. (Scroll down to see the photos) Episode Synopsis: This week the girls pose with comedian Ross Mathews ('The Tonight Show' and 'Chelsea Lately') before heading to NYC's garment district to be completely transformed in faux fashion wardrobe Source & Previews

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 5 Preview: "Smile and Pose"

Last week on America's Next Top Model , the remaining girls shot a live commercial in the middle of busy Times Square, and then got vamped up in a bathtub full of blood for their Dracula-inspired shoot. In Wednesday's new episode, the contestants pose with comedian Ross Mathews (from Chelsea Lately and The Tonight Show ) and then head off to NYC's garment district where they receive a head-to-toe "makeover." Also, it seems like one of the contestants gets a little too friendly with Nigel (I can't blame her)! Take a look at the preview clips below for a peek at tomorrow night's new episode, "Smile and Pose," which airs at 8/7c on The CW ! Preview 1 Preview 2