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Brittani Can't Stop Talking! Dreckitude Moment of the Week: ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 11

Brittani really learned a few things about henna, but not so much journalism. Frustrated that she couldn't find someone who spoke English for her ninety second spot, she settled for a man selling candy who looked like he just wanted to continue selling candy and be left alone.Brittani's strategy for her interview with him was to do all the talking, which is actually the opposite of an interview. She also neglected to let the henna expert who spoke perfect English get in a few words about the... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/IE-fby4dJMU/brittani-cant-stop-talking-dreckitude-moment-of-the-week-antm-cycle-16-episode-11

ANTM’s Kasia Upset Tyra Didn’t Keep Her Word About Alexandria

One of our favorite "fiercely real" America's Next Top Model contestants of all time, Kasia Pilewicz, recently sat down with RealityBlitz to talk about her last ANTM photo shoot (the one that got her sent home) as well as Tyras inability to keep her word about Alexandria Everett.When asked by the website if the production side of things might have gotten in the way of finding the best model on the show, Kasia replied, Its quite possible. They have to combine both aspects of it: the TV side and... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/FdZFurKyW1w/antms-kasia-upset-tyra-didnt-keep-her-word-about-alexandria

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Ivan Bart” Cycle 16 Episode 12 Preview

Episode Synopsis : The three remaining models struggle through a talk show correspondent challenge and receive an impromptu visit by Tyra that turns  into a photo shoot. During another photo shoot, which includes a male model, the girls all struggle to remain composed with so much at stake and Ivan Bart, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models, joins the judges’ panel to help choosethe final  two models. ( AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL  "Ivan Bart" Cycle 16 Episode 12 ) strong>AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (ANTM) "Ivan Bart" Cycle 16 Episode 12 which airs Wednesday May 11 at 8pm on the CW . Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/05/11/americas-next-top-model-ivan-bart-cycle-16-episode-12-preview/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

ANTM All-Stars First Judging Tapes Tomorrow with Live Audience

If you're dying to know who the America's Next Top Model All-Stars are, you can be the first to find out by attending the live judging in LA tomorrow! You'll get to see the girls walk in a fashion show, plus see all the judges and the Jays. Nicki Minaj and her fiercely real booty will be there as the celebrity special guest. The event takes place Wednesday, May 11th at the Nokia Plaza at LA Live. Check-in starts at 5 PM and the show kicks off at 8 PM. Bonus: the first 50 guests will receive Nicki... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/J-SFsz1jFLs/antm-allstars-first-judging-tapes-tomorrow-with-live-audience

'America's Next Top Model' Sneak Peeks: A Tyra of All Trades

Next Wednesday on America's Next Top Model , it's down to the final three, which means the girls' toughest challenges are yet ahead. The first challenge they'll face? A solo photo shoot with Tyra, who will draw on their faces with a marker, lube up their hair and then photograph them looking as gorgeous as they can manage. It's the same thing college kids do to their friends when they pass out, but the high fashion version. Watch the clip, and then check out a preview for the episode, which teases the aftermath of all these tough challenges: Lots of tears. //www.buddytv.com/articles/americas-next-top-model/americas-next-top-model-sneak-40220.aspx

'America's Next Top Model' Episode 16.12 Photos: 'Ivan Bart' and a Romantic Beach Shoot

Photos from America's Next Top Model episode 16.12, "Ivan Bart," airing Wednesday, May 11 at 9pm on the CW. During a photo shoot, which includes a male model, the girls all struggle to remain composed with so much at stake on America's Next Top Model on The CW.     //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/americas-next-top-model-episode-1612-photos-ivan-bart-and-a-romantic-beach-shoot-95931.aspx