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ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 7 Deleted Scene: Kayla Gets Advice

Kayla gets advice from Jay after the photo shoot that eventually got her eliminated //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/tAFL3H0ClC0/antm-cycle-17-episode-7-deleted-scene-kayla-gets-advice

ANTM Deleted Scene: Kayla's Post-Photo Shoot Confidence (VIDEO)

This is just kind of sad. In this deleted scene from America's Next Top Model All-Stars, Kayla Ferrel says she enjoyed the photo shoot that eventually got her eliminated, and confidently listens to Jay's advice, as if she would be around to use it.We'll miss you, Kayla! //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/LW7PbZeBlUY/antm-deleted-scene-kaylas-postphoto-shoot-confidence-video

'America's Next Top Model's' Bianca Golden: Cycle 17 wants 'to bring you back down'

Bianca Golden is the most recent "America's Next Top Model" eliminated contestant. In her exit Q&A, she tells Zap2it that she doesn't regret her decision to refuse to sit in the bathtub at the perfume challenge.Are you glad you came back to "Top Model," was it everything you were expecting?"It was everything that I came back for and more."Some of the other girls have complained about what was pitched to them versus what the season turned out to be. Do you have the same complaints?"I'm sure you don't want to hear mine. We were told it would be branding and then instead it was 'ANTM' Cycle 17."What were you expecting when you thought there would be more branding involved?"More stuff like the perfurme challenge, more things that. Things you can actually associate to a brand, not so much like modeling challenges."Do you think your refusal to get in the bathtub was the only reason you... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/10/americas-next-top-models-bianca-golden-cycle-17-wants-to-bring-you-back-down.html

'America's Next Top Model: All-Stars' Week 8 Backstage Photos: Video Killed the Model All-Star

Photos from America?s Next Top Model: All-Stars cycle 17, episode 8, "Game," in which the All-Stars are given the most difficult challenge yet, as they are asked to write and sing a song about their lives, with a surprising twist. Once the song is complete, rapper Game steps in to direct the women in music videos based on their songs. //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/americas-next-top-model-allstars-week-8-backstage-photos-video-killed-the-model-allstar-79682.aspx

America's Next Top Model All-Stars Cycle 17, Episode 7: Who Was Eliminated?

With an episode featuring a motorcycle-themed photo shoot, complete with hot male models, and Kathy Griffin as the guest judge, what could possibly go wrong? Well, a double elimination, for one thing! Not everyone was laughing along with funny girl Kathy, especially during the tense, high-stakes final minutes of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars Cycle 17, Episode 7.So, who didn’t make the cut? Bianca Golden and Kayla Ferrel were eliminated this week, leaving 7 models left to... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/ky4i6PxTSnw/americas-next-top-model-allstars-cycle-17-episode-7-who-was-eliminated-

Kathy Griffin Brings the Jokes as Guest Judge on 'America's Next Top Model' (VIDEO)

Just for fun, and probably to drum up some attention, 'America's Next Top Model' (Wed., 9PM ET on The CW) invited Kathy Griffin to join the judging panel for this week's episode. While she didn't bring any particular fashion knowledge, she did bring plenty of jokes. She introduced herself to the models by announcing that Tyra Banks had been fired. "Sometimes people get fired because they don't have it," she said. "So they decided to hire me as a real model, and I'm going to give her some training and some lessons." //www.aoltv.com/2011/10/27/kathy-griffin-guest-judge-americas-next-top-model-video/

Spoiler Video: Lisa D'Amato Is Safe In This Week's America's Next Top Model

Judging from this sneak peek video from next week's America's Next Top Model Cycle 17: All Stars Episode 8 (airing November 2nd), Lisa D'Amato makes it past this week's episode. We're surprised, though! Of all the guest judges featured on ANTM, we would think feisty Kathy Griffin would never put up with Lisa's antics.  //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/Tn5UMTylAtY/spoiler-video-lisa-damato-is-safe-in-this-weeks-americas-next-top-model

America's Next Top Model All-Stars Preview: Cycle 17, Episode 7

The girls go wild with a motorcycle-themed photo shoot on America's Next Top Model Cycle 17, Episode 7. //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/JMlQfHN1MDk/americas-next-top-model-allstars-preview-cycle-17-episode-7

'America's Next Top Model: All-Stars' Deleted Scenes: More of Bianca's Big Blowup

Last week's episode of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars may as well have been renamed The Bianca Show . When she wasn't sparring with Lisa, giving stinkface on the runway or accusing Shannon of having an "ugly soul," Bianca was plotting further conflicts and complaining that her fellow models were jealous of her, didn't respect her, and were out to get her. (If they weren't out to get her before, they sure are now.) By the grace of Michael Jackson's memory and La Toya Jackson's kindness (plus the judges deeming Lisa and Angelea the worst photos of the week), Bianca escaped elimination, despite her multi-part, multi-enemy meltdown -- which means that tonight, we're in for another installment of the drama. Something tells me that if Bianca doesn't subdue the attitude, the panel won't be so forgiving next time. Check out four deleted scenes from last week's tense episode: //www.buddytv.com/articles/americas-next-top-model/americas-next-top-model-all-st-42256.aspx