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  • 40 episodes
    40 episodes
    • s2010e715France votes against freedom of choice
    • s2010e713Tunisian legal subversion
    • s2010e708la Libertad de expresion en Cuba
    • s2010e707Rock and repression in Cuba
    • s2010e706The new Secretary General of Amnesty International.
    • s2010e629Journee Mondiale des Refugies 2010
    • s2010e628Deadly violence in Kyrgyzstan
    • s2010e625Asifhellfellonme Urdu.flv
    • s2010e624Troy Davis New Hope
    • s2010e622Bercario (Babies) TV commercial
    • s2010e616World Refugee Day 2010
    • s2010e611Pakistan Tribal Area report - As if Hell fell on Me
    • s2010e610Happy Birthday Shiva
    • s2010e528Sri Lanka Video Wall
    • s2010e527State of the World
    • s2010e520Sri Lanka - Finding the killers
    • s2010e512Demand a Bullet-Proof Arms Trade Treaty
    • s2010e428Invisible Victims: Migrants on the Move in Mexico
    • s2010e423Eleanors Dream
    • s2010e416Dow Chemical Company Hiding From Responsibility
    • s2010e415Citizens of the World Guatemala
    • s2010e412I owe my life to Amnesty International
    • s2010e408Citiznes of the World Argentina
    • s2010e407Roma Awareness - International Roma Day
    • s2010e330Death Sentences and Executions in 2009
    • s2010e329Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Malaysia
    • s2010e312Philippines: Shattered lives
    • s2010e311International Protection for Guantanamo Detainees
    • s2010e310Release Raul Hernandez
    • s2010e309The most dangerous place in the world to be a women
    • s2010e303The Maguindanao Massacre
    • s2010e225Kim Dae-jung: Life on Death Row
    • s2010e224Justice for Bloody Monday massacre
    • s2010e218Blockading Justice: The European Court of Human Rights Under Scrutiny
    • s2010e211Dont mine us out of existence
    • s2010e201Roma Slideshow
    • s2010e128Human rights under threat in Yemen
    • s2010e122Control on arms to Somalia
    • s2010e121International Protection for Guantanamos Victims
    • s2010e115Haiti - Human rights in jeopardy