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Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 15 - A Hole in the World

Flashback to Texas, as Fred's parents are helping her pack for her move to Los Angeles. As she packs her stuffed bunny Feigenbaum, Fred promises her worried parents that she will live a boring life. In the present day at Wolfram & Hart's science lab, Knox accepts the delivery of a sarcophagus. When Fred touches one of the crystals that cover the lid, a puff of dusty air is released, making her cough. Later, when she meets Wesley downstairs, they get lovey-dovey until Lorne tells them to “get a balcony.” Lorne starts singing “You Are My Sunshine” to Fred, who picks up the song. Lorne immediately realizes that something is wrong. Fred suddenly coughs up blood and collapses. Lorne catches her and she starts convulsing as Wesley yells for medical assistance. When Fred regains consciousness in the medical wing, her friends assure her that she’ll be okay, even though they don’t know what’s wrong with her. “Handsome man saves me,” Fred says to Angel, bringing up an oft-repeated line from "Through the Looking Glass". Everyone leaves and Wesley comforts Fred. Angel and Spike are waiting at the door, where Angel is surprised to see that Fred and Wesley are dating, something that everyone else apparently already knew. The group rushes to the lobby, where Angel admits some sort of parasite is slowly killing Fred. The gang wonder if the Senior Partners sent the sarcophagus; Gunn says he’ll go to the White Room and see if he can talk to the conduit. Meanwhile, as he looks through one of his source books, an anonymous staff member comes to Wesley for an unrelated report. Wesley tells the man it can wait and when the man protests that the entire firm can't be working on Fred's case, Wesley calmly gets a gun out of his drawer and shoots the man directly in the kneecap. As the man screams in agony, Wesley tells his secretary to send anyone else who isn't working on Fred's case straight to him. Gunn goes to the White Room and tries to summon the panther, who doesn’t appear. He gets socked in the face and turns to see that he’s being hit by himself (or at least the conduit in the form of Gunn). The conduit tells him that he’s failing and the Senior Partners are tired of his “insolence.” Gunn wants to make a deal and give his life for Fred’s. The conduit tells him that he already has Gunn’s life. Angel, Spike, and Lorne go to Lindsey’s apartment, where they encounter Eve. She claims not to know anything about what’s happening to Fred and says that she hasn’t heard from Lindsey. Frustrated by her lack of concern for Fred, Lorne punches her and demands that she sing for him so he can make sure she’s not involved in what’s happening, and swears that if he hears even one quarter-note that hints that she was involved, he would kill her himself before Angel and Spike could do so. Eve sings a little of "L.A. Song" and Lorne determines that she’s not involved, though "her future’s not too bright." As the guys leave, Eve asks if they’re going to tell the Senior Partners where she is. She says that there’s no info on the sarcophagus in the firm’s records, and the only thing not in the firm’s records is the most ancient demons, the Old Ones. She says that Wesley’s source books can bring forth any text and he needs to look through the oldest scrolls for information on the Deeper Well. In Wesley’s office, he tells the group that the demon in question is called Illyria, “a great monarch and warrior of the demon age... left adrift in the Deeper Well,” which is the burial ground for all the remaining old ones. Fred’s skin is “hardening like a shell”; she is being hollowed out so that Illyria can use her to return to the world. The Deeper Well is in the Cotswolds in England, and Angel and Spike prepares to go speak with its guardian. In the plane, Angel and Spike make small talk, and discuss going to a West End show. Angel then tells Spike he can't lose Fred. When Spike tells him they won't, Angel replies "I lost Cordy". Wesley heads to the medical wing and is surprised that Fred isn’t there. She’s in the science lab, stumbling around and trying to work on her own case, since she doesn’t want to have to be rescued - but she relents and asks Westley to take her home. In her apartment, Fred asks for Feigenbaum, but cries when she can’t remember who he is. Wesley reads A Little Princess from his magical book to comfort her, as she flinches from the light coming from the window. Angel and Spike arrive in the Cotswolds, where they are ambushed by a bunch of armored demons. They pull a stunt they once pulled in Saint Petersburg, holding out a piece of wire and decapitating the demons. Spike and Angel finish off the demons and are met by Drogyn, the keeper of the Deeper Well, whom Angel knows. As they head into the Deeper Well, Angel explains to Spike that Drogyn hates being asked questions because he cannot lie. Knox suggests to Gunn that they freeze Fred in the cryogenics lab until they figure out how to stop what’s killing her, but his tests don’t work. Upset at his failure, he tells Gunn, “I don’t just care about Fred, I practically worship it.” Gunn catches his slip of the tongue and accuses Knox of causing what’s happening to Fred. Knox admits he is one of Illyria's acolytes. “I chose Fred because I love her, because she’s worthy,” he says. “You think I’d have my god hatched out of some schmuck?” He tells Gunn that everything was set in motion millions of years ago and it can’t be stopped; Angel won’t save Fred. “I don’t mean that Angel’s gonna fail to save her, I mean he’s gonna let her die.” Knox tells Gunn he helped the sarcophagus get there - he unknowingly signed for it. Gunn knocks him out. Drogyn leads Angel and Spike into the Deeper Well, explaining that Illyria's sarcophagus disappeared a month before - as it was predestined to do - but the demon’s essence can be drawn back by a champion. However, as they bring the sarcophagus back to the Well, Illyria will leave Fred and enter and kill every person between L.A. and the Deeper Well. Angel realizes that he can't allow that many people to die, even to save Fred. Spike looks through the Deeper Well, which goes all the way through the center of the Earth, and says, “There’s a hole in the world. Feels like we ought to have known.” In her apartment, Fred asks Wesley if he would have loved her; he tells her that he’s always loved her, even before he knew her. She asks him to tell her parents that she wasn’t scared. As she weakens, she says, “Please, Wesley, why can’t I stay?” and then dies in Wesley's arms. As he begins to weep, her eyes turn blue. Fred's body twitches and sends Wesley across the room, where he watches her skin and hair turn blue. She stands up - now taken over by Illyria - and says, “This will do.” Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 14 - Smile Time

As a little boy watches a TV show called Smile Time, featuring puppets singing songs about learning, one of the puppets, Polo, tells the boy to put his hands on the TV. The boy’s mother enters the room, horrified to see that the life has been drained out of the boy and his face is frozen in a rictus smile. In the science lab at Wolfram & Hart, Knox brings Fred files on children in L.A. who have been hospitalized in the same condition as the little boy. Knox also gives Fred a valentine and tries to get her to discuss their potential relationship, but she gently declines his advances. When Harmony tells Gunn he filed the wrong papers, he tries to hide how worried he is about his mistake. Werewolf Nina arrives for her three nights of the full moon in the firm. She flirts with Angel as he leads her to her cell, and uncomfortable, Angel leaves. He heads up to Wesley’s office, saying he's not sure how he feels about their platonic friendship turning into something else. Wesley tells him that Nina has been sending him signals, and Angel is apparently the only person in the entire firm who hasn’t noticed them. When Angel says that he can’t pursue a relationship because he’ll achieve happiness and turn back into evil, soulless Angelus, Wesley says most people have to settle for acceptable happiness, and there is no reason Angel can't do the same. Fred arrives with the new case. Angel notes that all of the kids were watching TV when they became ill and Lorne says Smile Time is on at that time and in "the right demographic". Meanwhile Fred goes to see Wesley and tells him that she needs a ride home, and is clearly hoping he'll be the one to offer. Unfortunately it's now Wes's turn to miss signals and instead arranges for a driver to take his friend home. Angel heads to Smile Time’s studio, and, ignoring the “Don’t” sign on the door, enters a hidden room where a man with a towel over his head sits under a large egg. The egg opens, forming a glowing smile and a blast of energy tosses Angel across the room. Angel pulls himself up... only now he’s a puppet. When Puppet Angel explains to the group what happened, Fred tells the lab to start recording Smile Time so she can analyze it. Angel orders Lorne and Gunn to talk to the show's creator, Gregor Framkin, at the studio. Nina arrives and Puppet Angel ducks under his desk so she won’t see him. She tries to ask him if everything’s okay, but he abruptly tells her to leave. Spike arrives, and is shocked and amused to see that Angel is “a wee little puppet man”. Puppet Angel gets angry. Spike and Puppet Angel fight, crashing through the office doors into the lobby for all to see Angel as a puppet. The fight then continues into the elevator, the doors of which close, and when the doors open Puppet Angel has somehow managed to beat Spike unconscious. Gunn and Lorne meet with Framkin at the studio. Gunn tries to tell him the laws he's violated, he can’t come up with the right statute, and Framkin says he thinks he would be more likely to win than Wolfram & Hart in court. After Gunn and Lorne leave, we see that Framkin has a hole in his back and was being controlled by Polo. Framkin collapse as Polo pulls his arm out of a hole in Framkin's back and summons the other puppets - Groofus the dog, Flora, and Ratio Hornblower - with the news that Angel messed with the "nest egg." Flora suggests that they remove the zombifying spell on some of the employees so that they can see future intruders, but Polo announces that since their “system” has now been perfected, they’ll drain the life from all of their viewers the next day, instead of one kid at a time. Groofus is pleased at how important the next episode will be as he has a song he wants to sing, provoking Polo into hitting him for being foolish. Framkin begs the puppets to kill him, but instead, they continue torturing him. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Nina is preparing for her second werewolf night when Puppet Angel pays her a visit to apologize for the way he treated her earlier. She’s shocked to see that he’s a puppet and he notes, "I’m made of felt. And my nose comes off." She tells him that he shouldn’t care what people think of him, since he’s a hero. Puppet Angel turns away starting to say how hard it's been to be a hero— when Nina suddenly wolfs out and attacks him from her cage. Upstairs, Lorne comes across a tattered Puppet Angel and yells, "Is there a Geppetto in the house?" Gunn heads to the medical wing to see Dr. Sparrow, explaining that he's losing his law knowledge. Sparrow examines him and tells him that the implant is failing in an "Acute Flowers For Algernon Syndrome"; the Senior Partners gave it to him in the first place because they wanted him to have it, and if it’s fading, they must have wanted that as well. Gunn says that he doesn’t want to go back to the person he was, so Sparrow makes a deal with him - he’ll give him a “permanent upgrade” if Gunn signs something out of customs for him. In the science lab, Fred and Wesley agree they're starting to really like Smile Time, though that may be from sleep deprivation. Knox brings Fred coffee, but she orders him to go home. After he leaves, Fred confesses that she decided Knox wasn't right for her, and tries to tell Wesley that she has developed feelings for him; however, he doesn't get the message. Suddenly, while the sound of the show is muted, Wesley notices Polo seems to be talking to the audience. Puppet Angel's "vamp face." Puppet Angel is trying to sew himself up in his office when Wesley and Fred arrive to tell him the puppets' singing acts as a cloaking device, allowing Framkin to address the children directly. Wesley says the “nest egg” holds the life forces of the kids, so if they can break the magic on it, they’ll save the kids and turn Angel human again. Gunn, who’s regained his law knowledge, announces the puppets are actually running the show - Framkin made a deal with some devils to improve his ratings. Elsewhere in L.A., a little girl watches Smile Time and gets the message from Polo that all of the kids in the audience should put their hands on the TV. Puppet Angel and the gang interrupt and the fighting begins, with Gunn decapitating Groofus the dog and subsequently fighting the female puppet Flora while Angel goes puppet-to-puppet with Polo. Fred and Wesley rush to the "Don't" room with the nest egg, where Ratio fights Wesley while Fred reads the spell to break the spell around nest egg, destroying the egg and saving the kids after Wesley defeats Ratio. In the main studio, Gunn defeats Flora and Angel defeats Polo by throwing him onto the treehouse (after he reverts to 'vamp puppet face'). The next day, Nina wakes up in her cage with fabric around her and fears she ate Puppet Angel, until he comes in to tell her he's okay and will be back to normal in a few days. They agree to have breakfast together, with Nina jokingly wondering what puppets eat. In Wesley’s office, Fred tries to tell him she’s been trying to subtly indicate her interest. She grabs him and kisses him; he happily returns the favor as the puppets sing their self-esteem song again. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 13 - Why We Fight

It’s 1943, and a submarine is moving through the Atlantic Ocean as its crew begins to panic. An officer named Lawson issues orders to the crew as their captain is suddenly grabbed and killed by an unseen creature. In the present, Angel's team discusses the fact that Eve has vanished. Wesley is concerned about her threats of revenge, but Gunn thinks that the Senior Partners will take care of her for them. Angel wants to make sure that Lindsey is being punished as well, but Gunn notes that the white room is still empty, so they no longer have a link to the Senior Partners. The team is surprised that Angel is letting them go before midnight on a Friday, but, since they all still have work to do, they agree to meet up again in a few hours for another discussion. They split up as Lawson arrives in the building. Later, Fred encounters him in the science lab and is disturbed that he knows her name. She casually backs away, but he warns her that if she runs, he will have to stop her. He tells her that he’s an old friend of Angel from “back when he was in his patriotic phase.” Back in 1943, a brooding Angel is sitting alone in a New York City apartment when a group of military officers armed with stakes burst inside. One of them represents a new agency, the Demon Research Initiative, and their goal is to recruit Angel to join the war effort. They need his assistance to rescue a German prototype submarine that has been commandeered by the American military (the submarine seen earlier). The crew ran into trouble on the way home and is now trapped in enemy territory. No human soldier can reach the sub because of the extreme cold and pressure at the bottom of the ocean (conditions that pose no threat to a vampire). Angel is initially resistant to participating, but it soon becomes clear that he has no real choice. In the sub, Lawson and his surviving shipmates are barricaded into a small section of the submarine, temporarily safe but unable to control the submarine. As they evaluate their options, they are alarmed to hear a clanging sound in the tubes until Lawson recognizes it as Morse code: an SOS signal. They open the tube and discover Angel inside. In the present, Lawson captures Wesley as he attempts to help Fred. On the submarine, Angel asks for the captain and is informed that he is dead and that Lawson is now in charge. Angel issues an order and provides a verification code to assure the crew that he is on their side. He heads for the hatch to confront the creature and comes face-to-face with a dark-haired Spike, clad in a black leather Nazi jacket. “Angelus,” Spike remarks. “They’ll let anyone in here.” Angel disbelievingly asks Spike if he is a Nazi; Spike says that he just ate one and took his jacket. Spike assumes that Angel was grabbed by the S.S. the same way he was - at a “free virgin blood party.” Spike introduces Angel to the two other recently freed prisoners, vampires named Nostroyev and the Prince of Lies. When Spike learns that several humans are still alive, he wants to kill them; Angel forbids killing the humans because they need the crew to get back to the surface (“We’re underwater?” asks a confused Prince of Lies). Spike tries to prove that he can steer them out, but he just sets off an alarm. When Nostroyev insists upon killing all but one of the crew, Angel kills him. When Angel reiterates his demand that no humans be killed, Spike gives him the two-fingered salute and a “Heil Hitler.” In the present, Lawson confronts Angel in his office. Angel recognizes him and learns that Lawson has been keeping tabs on him over the past 60 years. Back on the sub, Angel introduces the crew to Spike and the Prince of Lies, telling them to put the vamps to work. Angel and Lawson move the dead crew members out of the way as Lawson says that he is not sure how to feel about Spike being there, since he killed the captain. Angel reminds him that they have to follow orders and bring the sub in. Lawson replies that “there’s a difference between orders and purpose.” He can handle dying, as long as it is for a greater purpose. Angel tells him that the job they do will help win the war, so they need to work together. In the present, Lawson asks Angel if he only did what he did on the sub for himself. He wants to understand “why we do what we do.” Angel attacks Lawson and starts to stake him with a coffee table leg, but Lawson asks if he really wants to do that. Angel reminds him that the last time they saw each other, Angel promised he would kill Lawson the next time they met. Lawson says that he would never come to Angel without having something up his sleeve. He takes Angel to a conference room, where Angel sees that Wesley, Fred, and Gunn are all tied up and standing on office chairs. Lawson explains that the gang have wire around their necks, so if they get knocked off their chairs, they’ll be decapitated. Back on the sub, the crew takes command of the submarine while Spike complains to Angel that he wants to steer the sub and be addressed as "Captain." Angel puts him to work and tries to assure Lawson that he can control Spike. They two hear screaming from the next room and rush over to discover that the Prince of Lies is beating up the captured Nazi. He and Lawson try to get the Prince of Lies away from the Nazi, but Angel has to stake him to stop him. Angel has to explain to Lawson that the Prince of Lies was a vampire. Spike points out that the Prince of Lies was holding a report in German and demands that the Nazi tell them what it contains. Lawson translates an impromptu interrogation while Spike "menaces" the Nazi officer, who reveals that the Nazis have been doing experiments on vampires, trying to learn how to control them. The Nazis eventually plan to use the controlled vampires in the Nazi army. Spike is furious about what the Nazis are doing, and assumes that the Americans have similar plans. Accordingly, Spike reiterates his desire to kill the crew, but Angel and Lawson stop him. Lawson insists that the Americans would never experiment on vampires or try to control them, saying: “You don’t win a war by doing whatever it takes. You win by doing what’s right.” Angel tells Spike to burn the report, which he does (while singing “God Save the King”), much to the dismay of the Nazi officer. By this time, Spike has figured out that Angel is playing both sides, and expresses both surprise and respect for the move. They hear an explosion, and a distracted Spike accidentally sets his clothes on fire instead of burning up the whole report. Enemy destroyers are spotted and the crew tries the submarine, but after more explosions the sub is rendered motionless. The sub starts taking on water and Angel helps fix the pipes to stop the flow. As Spike notes that the Nazi has disappeared, Lawson looks for his screwdriver. He turns around and the Nazi stabs him in the stomach with the missing screwdriver. Angel tries to get the dying Lawson to tell him how to get the sub home. Lawson says that he’s the only one who is capable of doing what needs to be done. Angel vamps out and bites Lawson, then makes Lawson drink from him. Angel heads back to the main room and tells the crew to get ready to surface. The newly-sired Lawson repairs the sub and thanks Angel. However, he now wants to eat the rest of the crew, since he and Angel do not need them anymore. Angel takes Lawson to the main room and forces him to leave the sub, and swim the 20 miles to dry land. He warns him that the sun will come up in 8 hours, and tells him that if he ever sees him again, he will kill him. As Lawson leaves the sub. Spike laughs at Angel's actions, telling him that he is "still a dick," and is irritated when Angel also forces him to leave. In the present, Angel tells Lawson that he never wanted to sire Lawson, but Lawson notes that it seems fair to sacrifice his life to help the Americans. Angel tells him that killing the gang will not change the past; Lawson says that it will hurt Angel, which might be enough for him. “It never is,” Angel replies. They fight, and Lawson accuses Angel of making him nothing because Angel gave him a little bit of his soul. Lawson tries to stake Angel, who turns the stake around so it is pointing at him. “Go on, Chief. Give me a mission,” Lawson says. Angel stakes him. The next day, Spike goes to Angel’s office, explaining that Fred filled him in on the events of the previous night. He thinks that Lawson was there for revenge, but Angel says that he came there for "a reason." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 12 - You're Welcome

In a hospital room, Cordelia jolts out of her coma after experiencing a vision of the symbols painted on Eve's apartment door and tattooed on Lindsey's (Christian Kane) chest. Angel elaborates on his decision to resign from his position of CEO of Wolfram & Hart's L.A. office, saying instead of ridding the world of evil, they are now negotiating with, or for, evil. As Gunn argues that quitting may incur dire consequences, he is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital, with the news that Cordelia has awoken from her coma. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia reveals the vision that woke her from the coma showed Angel in grave danger. Eve enters, despite being banned, saying Angel has no control over the liaison for the Senior Partners. Meanwhile, Spike complains to Lindsey (who is impersonating Doyle) that the deranged slayer Lindsey/Doyle sent him after ended up chopping off his hands. Lindsey/Doyle reveals he also had one of his hands cut off. Angel finds Cordelia watching an Angel Investigations commercial Doyle (Glenn Quinn) recorded several years earlier, and she notes Doyle gave his life to guarantee that Angel kept fighting. She subtly quotes Doyle's final words about the fight against evil: "I get that now." Cordelia accuses Angel of letting Wolfram & Hart seduce him with glamor and power, but Angel says he took the job only so his son Connor could have a happy, stable life. Later, Cordelia apologizes to Wesley (Alexis Denisof) for killing Lilah while under Jasmine's control. She finds the strange symbols from her vision in a book, and Wesley recognizes them as runes to protect and conceal, effective against modern surveillance. In the basement of W&H, Lindsey (invisible to the guards monitoring the video screens) passes into a restricted area. He uses a crystal as a key, allowing an underground tank to rise. Spike bites Cordelia until Angel fights him off. Spike explains he was tasting whether she was evil, as his source claimed. Angel questions the source, and Spike says it was Lindsey/Doyle, the tattooed man who gets visions from the Powers That Be. Angel confronts Eve, suggesting she is working with the Doyle impersonator who has been manipulating Spike. Harmony says, being "technically evil", she doesn't mind torturing Eve, after which Eve quickly confesses Lindsey/Doyle is activating a fail-safe left by the Senior Partners specifically designed to destroy Angel. When Spike unwittingly mentions Lindsey/Doyle had a hand chopped off, Angel deduces that Lindsey/Doyle is in fact former W&H crony Lindsey McDonald. Wesley says he and Fred will perform a spell to counter-act Lindsey's tattoos, while the others attempt to disable the fail-safe. In the rooms below, Angel battles Lindsey, who is wreathed in protective strength from his tattooed runes. Cordelia throws Angel a katana; while Angel and Lindsey sword-fight she removes the crystal from the control panel, causing the fail-safe to descend into the floor. Wesley and Fred perform a spell that causes Lindsey's tattoos to float off of his body, leaving him unprotected from detection by the Senior Partners. Lindsey is sucked upwards into a portal. Upstairs, Angel is left alone with Cordelia, who confesses her return, being a favor from the Powers That Be, is only temporary. She leaves, but rushes back to give Angel a passionate kiss. A ringing telephone interrupts, and as Angel picks up the receiver, Cordelia says, "Oh, and you're welcome." The voice on the phone says that Cordelia has died. Angel's office is suddenly empty; Cordelia has vanished. Angel realizes Cordelia never awoke from her coma. He hangs up the telephone, and says "Thank you". Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 11 - Damage

At Wolfram & Hart, Harmony tells Angel that there was a mix-up with a girl named Dana's medication at a psychiatric hospital, and no longer sedated, she broke down her door, killed several people, and escaped. At the hospital, Dr. Rabinaw tells Angel and Spike that Dana had been kidnapped and tortured for months when she was ten, by the man who killed her family. Recently, she gained incredible strength. Angel realizes Dana - like Buffy - is a vampire Slayer, activated by the events in the Buffy series finale. Wesley asks Giles to send “his top guy” to take care of Dana, which turns out to be Andrew Wells. He updates the group on how Willow activated every potential "Slayer of the Vampyrs"; when Wesley wonders how the Slayers will be trained now that the Watcher’s Council is gone, Andrew explains that Giles and some “Sunnydale alum” have been taking care of it. As Spike heads off to look for Dana, Angel follows Lorne's suggestion to visit Dana's childhood home with a psychic. The psychic flashes back to Dana’s abduction and her family’s murder; the smell of molasses and a basement is "where her pain lives,” he says. Meanwhile, Dana goes to the basement of the building where she was held captive, flashing back to her torturer injecting her with various drugs. When she looks up at his face, it’s Spike. Andrew catches up with Spike, and updates him on the Scoobies’ activities - Xander’s in Africa, Willow and Kennedy are in Brazil, Buffy and Dawn are in Rome, and everyone else is in England. Andrew guesses that Buffy doesn’t know Spike is alive and wonders why he didn’t tell her. When Spike follows the scent of blood into Dana's trap, Andrew tries unsuccessfully to shoot Dana with a tranquilizer gun. Spike chases Dana to the basement, where she starts repeating what her torturer once said to her. Dana, channeling Nikki, recognizes Spike as William the Bloody. Before he can explain that she’s dreaming of other Slayers, she injects him with a sedative. At Wolfram & Hart, Fred and the team realize the smell of molasses indicates Dana was held in a distillery, and send a tactical team to search abandoned distilleries. Back in the basement, Spike awakens to discover that Dana has cut off his hands. She tells Spike he can’t hurt her anymore, but when he insists she’s thinking of someone else she finally remembers who her torturer really was. Angel arrives, tells Dana her real torturer is dead, and knocks her out with a tranquilizer dart. Spike is taken to the hospital to have his hands reattached. Later, Andrew tells Angel because Dana is a Slayer, she belongs in the care of the new Council. This goes against Angel's intentions to have her treated in his own W&H facilities. Andrew says none of the Scoobies -- implicitly emphasizing Buffy, whom he points out is who gives him his orders -- trust Angel now that he works at Wolfram & Hart. “Don’t fool yourself… we’re not on the same side,” When Angel presses the issue, a group of slayers come out of hiding and Andrew makes it clear that they will take Dana by force if necessary. In the end Dana is taken away with Andrew. Angel visits Spike at the hospital, where Spike admits he’s never thought much about what being evil means. He and Angel note that they were innocent victims once, too. Spike says Dana is like them - someone turned her into a monster. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 22 - Not Fade Away

In a continuation of the previous episode, Angel has joined the evil Circle of the Black Thorn by killing Drogyn. Angel has just explained to the group about his plan to kill all the members of the Black Thorn to tip the scales in their favor, but also bring on the full wrath of the unseen Senior Partners. Angel learns from them that Drogyn is being looked after by Illyria, he tells them that he was forced to kill Drogyn to be accepted into the Black Thorn, when Marcus Hamilton, the Senior Partners' liaison, arrives which makes Wesley, Gunn, Spike, and Lorne leave. Hamilton calls Angel to an emergency Black Thorn meeting, where Archduke Sebassis and the other members express doubts about Angel's loyalties. To prove himself, he must irrevocably relinquish the reward foretold in the Shanshu Prophecy. Izzy the Devil produces the original scroll and a pen, which he stabs through the back of Angel's hand so that he may sign in his own blood. Angel signs his name, giving up his chance to become human. At Spike's apartment, Wesley, Gunn, Spike, and Lorne arrive to find Illyria lying on the floor, bloodied and barely awake from her fight with Hamilton who had taken Drogyn. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel informs Harmony he will be meeting with Sebassis later, and instructs her to distract Hamilton while he does so. Afterwards, he meets with his old enemy Lindsey McDonald and asks for his help in destroying the Black Thorn; Lindsey is suspicious of Angel's offer, but agrees. Returning from his meeting with Lindsey, Angel arrives at Spike's apartment to meet with his friends where he tells them that that they are killing all the Black Thorn members tonight. Angel advises his friends to spend the rest of the day as if it were their last since it "probably is." Angel visits his son, Connor, at college where he talks with him about his current life and his new romance with Nina who is a werewolf. Connor reveals that he knows that Angel is his father; his old memories are now "mixed in" with his new ones, and he understands and appreciates why Angel gave him new memories. Lorne has serious reservations about Angel's plan, and his mood is dark and somber. He sings "If I Ruled the World" at a demon karaoke bar. Lindsey spends the day with Eve, who expresses suspicion about Angel. Lindsey, however, trusts Angel's plan; since he is fighting on Angel's side, he believes that he will receive fair treatment. Gunn spends his day helping Anne, who still maintains a homeless shelter in Gunn's old neighborhood. He asks her what she would do if she found out that everything she did — everything she fought for — was for nothing, and she tells him she would continue to unload the supplies for the shelter. Gunn smiles; that was the answer he had been looking for. Spike goes to a seedy bar and, after drinking innumerable shots of "courage", goes onstage and recites the completed version of a poem that he originally wrote for Cecily — with whom he had been infatuated before his siring — to a crowd of rough motorcyclists and street gang members at an open mic. To his surprise, the crowd goes wild with cheers and applause. A triumphant and relieved Spike laughs and announces that his next poem is called "The Wanton Folly of Me Mum." Wesley spends his day in his apartment tending to Illyria's wounds inflicted by Hamilton when he abducted Drogyn to be killed by Angel. He tells her there is nothing else he wants and nowhere for him to be. She recognizes that the only place he wants to be is with Fred, and she offers to comfort him in Fred's form. He refuses, explaining that because he does not plan to die tonight, he would not accept the "lie" of Illyria in Fred's form. That night, Angel explains that they are taking a divide-and-conquer approach to the demon killing: Gunn is to eliminate Senator Bruckner and her vampire bodyguards; Wesley is to attack Cyvus Vail, a powerful demon sorcerer; Illyria will take out Izzy the Devil and three other members of the Black Thorn; Spike will rescue an infant before eliminating the demonic Fell Brethren; and Lorne and Lindsey will fight the Sahvrin demon clan. Angel tells them that he will take out the chairman Archduke Sebassis. Once they complete their missions, he says, they are all to meet in the alley north of the Hyperion Hotel for the expected onslaught by the Senior Partners. As they leave, Lorne tells Angel that this is the last thing he's going to do for him, and that they will never see him again. In his office, Angel is confronted by Hamilton, who says he knows Angel intends to kill Sebassis — Hamilton seduced Harmony, who betrayed Angel's plans. After Angel fires Harmony (who leaves after collecting Angel's pre-written letter of recommendation) he fights Hamilton. Hamilton knocks Angel across the room, asking if Angel really thought he could get away with killing Sebassis; Angel replies, "I already have." During the last meeting with the Circle of the Black Thorn, Angel poisoned Sebassis's demon servant, knowing that Sebassis drinks his servant's blood; he figured that Hamilton was the one he really needed to kill and knew that Harmony would tell Hamilton about Angel's plan. However, he admits that he expected the fight to be going better. At Senator Bruckner's campaign office, Gunn arrives where he immediately begins fighting her vampire workers, while she casually chats on her phone, slandering her opponent in the upcoming election. Gunn kills the senator with a thrown axe, but is still surrounded by dozens of her vampire bodyguards. Spike, disguised in a long black robe, sneaks into the Fell Brethren's living quarters and lifts the baby out of a ceremonial bassinet. Faced with several angry demons, he goes into battle, with a sword in one hand and the baby in the other. Meanwhile, Illyria easily destroys Izzy and the other members of the Black Thorn when she ambushes them as they are getting into a car on a side street after leaving a local restaurant. Elsewhere, Lindsey arrives with Lorne at an apartment to fight the Sahvrin clan members. After killing all the demons, Lorne without warning, shoots Lindsey in the chest, revealing his one last job for Angel. Lorne tells him, "You're not part of the solution, Lindsey. You never will be." Lindsey dies, stunned it wasn't Angel himself who killed him, but instead one of his "flunkies." Disgusted with himself, Lorne drops the gun and leaves the scene with his parting words, "good night, folks". At the mansion residence of Cyvus Vail, Wesley arrives where he pretends that he intends to kill Angel to asks for Vail's support to be accepted as Angel's replacement in the Circle of the Black Thorn. After a few minutes of conversation, Wesley surprises Vail by attacking him with magic. But, Vail quickly recovers and restrains Wesley with more powerful magic, then stabs him in the abdomen with a kukri. Wesley releases a final burst of magic, momentarily stunning Vail, and crashes to the floor. Illyria storms in, distraught upon finding Wes mortally wounded. She again offers to lie to him by appearing as Fred, and this time he accepts; he dies in her arms a few moments later. Vail awakens, to find a crying woman holding Wesley's body. Not knowing who Fred really is, he taunts her as she stands before him, calling her a little girl; she then transforms back into Illyria as her fist shatters Vail's skull with a single blow. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel is losing the battle with Hamilton. Hamilton mocks Angel, reminding him that he couldn't save Doyle, Cordelia or Fred and asks why he continues to fight when he's signed away his Shanshu and will thus gain nothing. Angel replies that the people who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do. Unimpressed ("Yeah... but we won't care!"), Hamilton prepares to stake him, but Connor appears and knocks Hamilton away from his father. The two take on Hamilton together, but even with their combined strength, they cannot inflict a single bruise. Conner is knocked unconscious and the bloodied Angel is again thrown across the room. Hamilton boasts that the power of the Senior Partners runs through his blood. Angel says, "Can you pick out the one word you probably shouldn't have said?" Rushing at Hamilton, Angel assumes his vampire form and draws Hamilton's power by drinking his blood. After a few more minutes of fighting, Angel punches the weakened Hamilton to the floor, and then snaps Hamilton's neck. Connor revives as the entire building begins to shake and Angel tells Connor to leave, knowing that the Senior Partners are now unleashing their full wrath. Conner leaves Angel to his fate. Angel then goes to his office tries to convince Eve, who has taken refuge there, to leave the building, because Lindsey won't be coming for her. Angel runs out, while Eve wonders where she has left to go. The survivors meet in the back alley of the Hyperion Hotel in the pouring rain. Angel arrives to find Spike already waiting, having successfully rescued the baby and destroyed the Brethren. Gunn shows up next, armed with a large battle axe having killed all of Senator Bruckner's vampire henchmen, but he is seriously injured. Illyria arrives seconds later and informs them of Wesley's death, saying that she grieves for Wesley and wishes "to do more violence." Suddenly, the vast armies of the Senior Partners — demons of all sizes, including a 100-foot-tall giant and a flying dragon — advance on the four survivors. As the demon army approaches, Gunn sarcastically says "you take the 30,000 on the left...". Illyria tells Gunn, from looking at his wounds, that he is mortally wounded and they will all last just ten minutes at best. Gunn staggers to his feet and defiantly states that they make their last ten minutes memorable. Angel expresses interest in taking on the dragon and the group goes into battle as the demon armies attack. As Angel swings his sword at the first of the attacking demon warriors, he utters his last line and the series' epitaph: "Let's go to work." Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 21 - Power Play

In a dark room, there is a shackled man with a bag over his head, who is being beaten with sticks by several attackers. A roaring fire blocks the doorway before him. Angel is on the other side of the fire, and jumps across. The robed attackers leave the shackled man. Angel helps the man to his feet, and takes the bag off the man’s face. The man is bloody, and thanks Angel. Angel vamps out and bites the man’s neck. 19 hours earlier: In Angel’s apartment, Angel and Nina are lying naked in bed together. Nina notices that Angel is concerned with something going on at work. Angel hints that they are close to something. In a hallway at Wolfram & Hart, Spike notices that nobody fears Illyria any more. Illyria voices her fear of weakness, since the partial loss of her powers. Illyria also mentions that Wesley will not talk to her ever since she pretended to be Fred. Spike tells her that although she has lost much of her more obviously impressive abilities, looking like Fred is more powerful than anything else to those who loved her. As Angel and Gunn leave Angel’s office, Hamilton introduces them to Senator Brucker and her vampire aide, Ernesto. Ernesto is refused human blood as a beverage by Harmony. Hamilton suggests to Angel that they should make an exception this time, and Angel agrees. Gunn does not like this abrupt leniency in morals from Angel. Wesley walks over, and informs Angel that a Boretz demon living in a downtown amusement park has killed three people in three days. Wesley points out that the victims are killed violently. After receiving this news, Angel shrugs it off and leaves. Spike offers to take on the demon for Wesley. After Wesley leaves, Illyria notes that Wesley did not even notice her. Spike invites Illyria to go hunting for the Boretz demon. In Angel’s office, Angel, Gunn, Ernesto, and the Senator are watching a political ad of her rival, Mike Conley. The ad is very patriotic and Mike seems family-oriented. The Senator, afraid of losing the election to Mike Conley, wants Wolfram & Hart to brain-wash him, and make him believe that he is a pedophile. Gunn is furious at the Senator’s request, but Angel agrees to help her out. The Senator tells Angel that he has just made a very loyal ally in Washington. In Wesley’s office, Wesley is researching Boretz demons. Instead of finding information, his book tells him that he is looking in the wrong place, and a strange circular symbol with eight spurs appears. Gunn walks in on the confused Wesley, whose book had just returned to normal. At a racquetball court, Angel is sparring against Izzy, the red devil. Izzy mentions that the leader of the Fell Brethren is very happy over the sacrificial baby Angel helped the Brethren to acquire. Angel asks when will he get an answer, and Izzy tells him that it will be soon. At a dark, abandoned amusement park, Spike and Illyria are searching for the Boretz demon. Illyria tells Spike that Angel has become corrupted, through power. Spike asks why. Illyria noticed that Angel does not notice the small battles, to which there is no gain. Angel also now ignores his close counsel. Spike disagrees about Angel being corrupt. Illyria darkly suggests that Angel will murder one of his inner circle. Drogyn, the Battlebrand, appears and claims Angel has already committed a murder. Illyria looks unhappy to be confronted by her previous jailer. The Boretz appears, and fights Spike, who is thrown. Illyria fights the Boretz, and kills it with a forceful kick. Drogyn says that he has come to warn Spike, but falls over. Illyria notices that Drogyn is bleeding, and Drogyn claims that it is because of Angel. Back at Wolfram & Hart, Wesley stops at Harmony’s desk, draws the strange symbol from his book. Harmony sees the symbol and says that it would look good (as a tattoo) on his calf. Ignoring her, Wesley walks into Angel’s office where he finds Angel talking with Hamilton, and they ask Wesley to come back later. Outside Angel’s office, Lorne tells Wesley that Angel dropped six of his celebrity clients, without warning or asking Lorne. Inside Wesley’s office, Gunn, Lorne, and Wesley all agree that Angel is not acting like himself at all. Spike calls, and the three leave for Spike’s apartment. Gathered inside Spike’s apartment, they listen to Drogyn’s tale of being attacked by a Sathari demon, an assassin-for-hire, at the Deeper Well. After a long and vicious fight, Drogyn beat the Sathari, tortured it, and learned that Angel hired it to kill him. Drogyn thinks that Angel feared that he might find some incriminating evidence in the Deeper Well, and wanted Drogyn dead. This would cover-up Angel’s involvement in helping Illyria’s sarcophagus escape from the Deeper Well. Drogyn also thinks that Angel needed Illyria so that she could help him to sacrifice someone trusted and dear, such as Fred. Lorne and Gunn take the news angrily, but Spike tells them that Drogyn cannot speak lies. Wesley notes that Angel has been acting unusual lately, and Illyria assumes Angel is ready to make his move. Wesley shows all of them the mysterious symbol of a black circle with eight spurs on it which he found and thinks there's a connection to Angel's behavior. But none of them, including Drogyn or Illyria, claim to have ever seen it before. Gunn, Lorne, Spike, and Wesley leave to confront Angel, while they ask Illyria to keep watch over Drogyn. At the office, Angel is speaking with Harmony when Gunn, Lorne, Spike, and Wesley tell him they need to speak. In Angel’s office, Spike tells Angel that Drogyn’s in town, after being attacked, and asks if Angel knew about the attack. Angel acts surprised at the news. Wesley asks what kind of business they’re in, and Angel explains that it doesn’t matter what kind of business they’re in; it’s all about the game, and winning. Gunn suggests that maybe Angel has turned into Angelus, and Angel points out that most of them would be dead by now if that were the case. Spike points out that Fred is dead already. Angel explains that he’s lost his sense of morality, and he wants global power, through any means necessary. Lorne suggests that getting more power will just corrupt Angel further. Harmony interrupts, telling Angel about an important phone call. Wesley asks if Angel was willing to use Fred in his efforts to obtain more power, and Angel says he loved Fred, but refuses to give a straight answer. In an interrogation room, Lorne and Wesley discuss Angel’s strange actions. Wesley questions whether or not Angel was capable of hurting Fred. Then, Gunn and Spike drag a shackled Lindsey from his holding cell into the room. Outside a building at dusk, Nina is approached by Angel. Angel gives Nina three plane tickets, and tells her to leave with her sister and niece. Nina asks why, and Angel tells her it’s not safe to be near him. An angry Nina takes the tickets and promises to leave. At Spike’s apartment, Illyria and Drogyn are playing video games, when Hamilton breaks in the door. Drogyn recognizes Hamilton, before Hamilton throws Drogyn into a wall, knocking him out. Illyria fights briefly with Hamilton. But even she is not strong enough and Hamilton proceeds to viciously beat her unconscious. In the interrogation room, Lindsey is also baffled by Angel’s recent actions, but he is familiar with Wesley’s symbol when it's shown to him. Lindsey tells them that the symbol represents a small, but powerful, secret society of the elite evil, called the Circle of the Black Thorn, who are actually responsible for making sure the Apocalypse goes off without any problems. Lindsey explains that Wolfram & Hart is like a well-oiled machine, with the Black Thorn running it. The Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart actually live on a different plane of existence (presumably Hell), while on Earth, the Black Thorn runs the actives of Wolfram & Hart through powerful worldwide connections. When Lindsey returned to Los Angeles, he hoped that by killing Angel, the Black Thorn would accept him as a member. Angel’s team realize that Angel has been turning evil by degrees, and Wesley thinks that there’s still a chance to bring him back. In a dark room, with the doorway is blocked by a roaring fire, there is a man shackled, with a bag over his head. He is being beaten by several robed captors. Angel jumps across the fire, and takes the bag of the man’s face. It is Drogyn, the battlebrand, who thanks Angel. Angel vamps out and bites Drogyn in the neck. After drinking Drogyn’s blood, Angel breaks Drogyn’s neck and lets him fall to the ground. Angel is branded with the symbol for the Circle of the Black Thorn, and all the robed attackers reveal themselves. Among them are Senator Brucker, Izzy the red devil, Archduke Sebassis, Cyvus Vail, and a few others whom Angel has never met before. The group all begin to drink champagne and celebrate Angel’s acceptance into the fold. The next day at Wolfram & Hart, Angel walks off the elevator. Angel is rubbing the spot where he was branded. Once in Angel’s office, Angel is knocked to the floor and attacked by Gunn, Lorne, Spike, and Wesley, each armed with different weapons. Gunn tells Angel that they know all about the Black Thorn, and why Angel has been acting strangely. Angel attacks, and manages to disarm everybody, while only suffering a crossbow wound to the shoulder, and takes Lorne hostage. Angel pulls a crystal out of his jacket, which he activates with the Latin word involvere, in order to conceal events in the room for six minutes. During this glamour, Angel reveals that everything is a lie, and that Angel was the one who sent Wesley the message and the symbol through the demon research book. Angel also admits to sending the assassin after Drogyn. Knowing full well that Drogyn was capable of defending himself, Angel predicted exactly that Drogyn would beat the assassin and be led to believe from it that Angel had killed Fred. Once Drogyn showed up and convinced everybody that Angel had killed Fred, the Black Thorn would accept Angel as evil, and their new recruit. Angel explains further: Two months earlier, Cordelia gave Angel a one-shot vision from a single kiss. The vision involved the Black Thorn and the apocalypse. Angel explains that after Fred was killed, he used her death to his advantage, to join the Black Thorn. Finally, Angel reveals his plan of killing all the members of the Black Thorn, and for a single moment, stopping the apocalypse, tiping the scales in their favor, and getting the Senior Partners really angry. Angel also assumes that once the Black Thorn is eliminated, the Senior Partners won’t stop until all of them are dead too. Spike grimly refers to it as a suicidal, "burn the house down, while we're still in it" strategy. Gunn, Lorne, Spike and Wesley agree to help. The episode ends with Hamilton ominously watching them from the window outside the office, suspicious to team Angel's agenda. Although he can only see them fighting with each other and not the fact that they have planned to eliminate every member of the Black Thorn. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 20 - The Girl in Question

Gunn discovers a demon gang war is imminent, unless the head of the leaders is recaptured from Rome. So, Angel and Spike travel to Rome to retrieve the head. They find out that Buffy is dating their arch-nemesis "The Immortal". Flashbacks are shown that explain why Angel and Spike hate "The Immortal": he slept with Darla and Drusilla simultaneously while his minions held Angelus and Spike in chains. They discuss the matter and conclude that Buffy must be under some sort of love spell - why else would she be dating a dark, centuries-old supernatural creature who may or may not be evil? Spike declares that it must be a spell, and Angel agrees. They are able to locate the head. They visit Buffy's apartment and find Andrew Wells there. He said that he lives with Buffy and Dawn, and Buffy went to a club with The Immortal. They go to the club and see Buffy from a distance. They get distracted and leave the demon head in a bag on a table, which is snatched by The Immortal's demon butler. Angel and Spike fight the minions and "accidentally" hit each other a few times, too. The demon butler gets away with the head and mocks the heroes as he leaves. Angel and Spike argue over how "if they had their resources", that they would be able to find the head. Spike points out that there is a Wolfram & Hart office in Rome. Meanwhile, at Wolfram & Hart in L.A., Fred's parents show up and Wesley ushers them into his office to tell them she has been consumed. He is about to tell them when Illyria walks in the door looking and acting exactly like Fred. Later, while her parents are being shown Fred's office, Wesley confronts Illyria. She explains because of Fred's past memories she cannot bear to witness their grief in addition to Wesley's, which she experiences as a physical pain. She explains that she can appear in the form that she wishes. After Fred's parents leave, Wesley asks her if she got what she wanted from that experience. Illyria answers "Yes", and Wesley orders her never to do it again. Angel and Spike go the Rome Wolfram & Hart offices, where they are greeted by the CEO, an ebullient Italian woman. She says the head is being held in a standard ransom situation. Angel and Spike are given money for the drop, which they exchange with the butler for the bag. They open it and in it there is a bomb counting down to 3,2,1... It explodes. The camera shows everything blown to bits. Spike complains about his ruined jacket that he ripped off a dead slayer. They go back to the Rome Wolfram & Hart - the CEO laughs, saying they always do that to first-timers. She replaces their damaged clothing. Spike and Angel declare their intentions to go home, but return to Buffy's apartment and Andrew tells them to let her move on, while he leaves the apartment with two sexy women. Frustrated by their inability to contact Buffy and by the demon butler's chicanery on The Immortal's behalf, they decide to go home. Illyria follows Wesley into his office, still appearing and speaking as Fred. She states that she wishes to explore the relationship further and does not understand why Wesley is angry when he obviously loved Fred. He replies that she is not Fred and that he is sickened by the sight of her. He tells her to be anything as long as it's not Fred. She appears somewhat confused and when he leaves the room changes back into her usual form. "As you wish" she says. When Angel and Spike return home, they find the head on Angel's desk with a note signed by The Immortal. They are outraged; this is the second time he "distracted" them while he put the moves on "their" girl. They declare their intentions to get over Buffy and move on with their lives. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 19 - Time Bomb

The episode opens with Gunn still being tortured by a demon in a hell dimension, when he is suddenly rescued by Illyria, who uses her ability to shift between dimensions to return them both to Wolfram & Hart. Angel grows suspicious of Illyria's continued presence at the firm, and concludes that she is staying not out of loyalty, but out of an attraction for the firm's power. He orders Lorne to shadow her, and then turns his attention to a legal case involving a ceremonial demon pact; a pregnant woman has agreed to allow a demonic cult called "the Fell Brethren" to adopt her baby, and Angel and Gunn start to advise her until they learn, to their outrage, that their client isn't the innocent woman, but rather the seemingly benevolent demons who are secretly taking advantage of her and plotting to sacrifice the child not long after the birth. Meanwhile, Illyria enjoys sparring with Spike in the training room, but elsewhere begins to act oddly even by her standards, and Wesley theorizes that she is growing emotionally and molecularly unstable as a result of her interdimensional travels; if her energy excess continues to go unchecked, it will result in a catastrophic explosion. As Angel, Gunn, and Hamilton argue over how to handle the Fell Brethren case, Illyria grows increasingly disoriented and paranoid, culminating in a confrontation in which she effortlessly kills Angel, Lorne, Spike, and Wesley in a matter of seconds. At this point, the narrative switches to her point of view, and we learn that her disorientation has been caused by the fact that her excessive mystical energy has been sending her back and forth in time uncontrollably. Illyria again goes back in time to a point before she had killed the other characters, and inadvertantly begins taking Angel with her on her trips through time. Angel learns of the deaths of his friends, and is horrified. After Illyria gives him advice about power, she explodes and likely decimates the continental shelf, but the explosion is so powerful it blasts Angel back in time to before Illyria killed everyone. This time, thanks to what Illyria told him, Angel is able to avoid the massacare. Illyria accuses Angel and Wesley of plotting to kill her with Wesley's massive ray gun, but Wes reveals that the gun is not meant to kill her, but rather to disperse her excessive energy and thus prevent the fatal explosion. Wesley manages to activate the ray in time, but Illyria is left emotionally devastated by the resulting loss of some of her super powers. In the epilogue, Angel returns his attention to the Fell Brethren case, and shocks Gunn by agreeing to represent the demons rather than the pregnant woman, having apparently taken Illyria's advice about power. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 18 - Origin

Gunn is still trapped in the suburban hell dimension, with no memory of his normal life, and doomed to suffer eternal torment at the hands of a torture demon. Marcus Hamilton, the new liaison to the Senior Partners, shows up and offers to remove Gunn from Hell in exchange for his soul. Gunn refuses to even listen to Hamilton's offer, and resumes his own torture at the hands of the demon. The main storyline concerns Connor, who is now happily living the life of a normal teenager. Connor's adoptive parents, the Reillys, bring him in to Wolfram & Hart after a van hits him and he emerges unscathed; they are concerned for his welfare, and had heard of the law firm's reputation for solving odd cases. Angel, however, is furious at the idea that Connor might again be exposed to the supernatural, and initially refuses to help. However, when Connor and his parents are attacked by a trio of demons, Angel accepts the case. Despite Connor's oblivion to their connection, Angel enjoys seeing his son as a happy, prosperous kid, but the investigation into the demon attack leads Angel to an elderly and powerful demon sorcerer named Cyvus Vail -- the man responsible for creating the new reality in which Connor leads the life of a normal teenager. Vail explains that the demon attack was supposed to fail, and its purpose was merely to attract Connor's attention. Vail reveals that his real motivation is an ancient prophecy that identifies Connor as the only person able to kill Vail's old enemy, the demon warrior Sahjhan (imprisoned in his urn since episode "Forgiving" in Season 3). Vail demands that Connor kill Sahjhan, and in return, he will allow him to resume his normal life. Meanwhile, Wesley continues to study Illyria and her super abilities with Spike, who serves as Illyria's "punching bag" in an attempt to determine her weaknesses. Wesley explains to Illyria that Angel has earned their loyalty, but Wes begins to change his mind when he grows suspicious of Angel's seemingly odd behavior concerning the Connor Reilly case. Wesley's investigation leads to Vail, and records indicating that he had been hired by Wolfram & Hart to cast a massive, reality-changing spell on the day that the law firm was taken over by Angel Investigations. Angel aggravates these suspicions by refusing to offer an explanation, and Wesley begins to theorize that Angel's behavior may be a result of guilt, specifically that Angel had sacrificed Fred in exchange for control of Wolfram & Hart, and then paid Vail to erase everyone's memories of the deal. At Vail's house, Connor and Sahjhan engage in a fight to the death, as a helpless Angel is mystically prevented from aiding his son in the battle. Accompanied by Illyria, Wesley confronts Angel with his theory that Vail's spell is responsible for Fred's death, and destroys the magical box that contains the spell. As a result, Connor, Wesley, and Illyria all regain their lost memories of the previous reality. Connor, who had been losing his fight with Sahjhan, regains his fighting skills and manages to kill Sahjhan. However, despite a brief return to his old, defiant personality during the battle, Connor manages to retain the emotional stability created by Vail's spell. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now