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'Animals': TV Review

HBO's little animated project about various animals in New York City lands in a field crowded with other shows that share its comic sensibility.   Read More... //

Animals Review: Clever, Crude Animated Comedy Could Be a Tough Sell to Viewers

Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of a dog? A rat? An insect making a nice snack out of some pubic hair? Those are just some questions HBOs incoming animated series produced by the Duplass brothers strives to answer, in the crudest way possible. Animals, created by Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese, is one of the most comprehensive takes on anthropomorphous characters yet, as it explores rats and their need to procreate, pigeons with sexuality issues and more. Presented over the course of the first season through a series of vignettes taking place in New York, the show is tied together by a rather unimportant human storyline that at least gives it a minor sense of cohesiveness.   Read More... //