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'Appalachian Outlaws' finale: How did the show compare to 'Hatfields and McCoys'?

"Appalachian Outlaws" came to its season finale on Thursday (Feb. 13). How did this real-life tale of mountain-roaming men compare to History's blockbuster "Hatfields & McCoys"?From the start, "Appalachian Outlaws" had a tough go trying to live up to the legacy (and ratings) of History's earlier miniseries. Not only does "Outlaws" need to stick -- more or less -- to the reality of the situation, but it also lacks the notoriety and legendary status of "Hatfields & McCoys."Also, "Appalachian Outlaws" focuses on men who deal in ginseng. It doesn't have quite the inherent drama of a multi-generational blood feud. But not for lack of trying -- the men of "Appalachian Outlaws" spent their season just spoiling for a blood-soaked vendetta against any and all who stood in their way.How did the new show do when compared to "Hatfields & McCoys"? Vote in the poll below! Which depicted Appalachian outlaw life better?... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/appalachian-outlaws-finale-how-did-the-show-compare-to-hatfields-and-mccoys.html