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Terry Crews Tackles New Role in Are We There Yet?

Terry Crews has some news about single guys: "They're pretty selfish!" laughs the NFL pro-turned-actor, who tackles the role of newlywed Nick Kingston-Persons in Are We There Yet?, a new TBS sitcom based on the 2005 movie about a bachelor's road trip with his girlfriend's kids premiering Wednesday at 9/8c on TBS. "Nick has been a playboy, and this is the first time he's totally given his heart and his life to a bride," says Crews, who played cheapskate father Julius on Everybody Hates Chris. As Nick, he's a different kind of dad: stepfather to wife Suzanne's two kids. "Nick is trying to be accepted, but that has to be earned," he says, explaining that the dynamic of the show (exec produced by the film's star Ice Cube) transcends racial barriers. "It's for everyone. Like The Cosby Show." It's also a chance for Crews to show off his wild humor, most recently on display in a series of viral Old Spice ads. "I never knew they'd become so popular! It's like a cult of Old Spice now," says Crews, whose ripped physique would make the meatheads of Jersey Shore envious. "I can definitely handle the Situation's abs," boasts Crews. "It's Snooki's chest that I can't compete with!" Source Here

TBS Orders Are We There Yet? Series; Crews Takes Cube Role

TBS has ordered 10 episodes of a new series based on the big-screen comedy Are We There Yet? A breakout hit in 2005, Are We There Yet? starred Ice Cube as Nick, a player who tries to woo a divorcee by shuttling around her two hard-to-handle kids. Having grossed $82 million, the comedy begat the 2007 sequel Are We Done Yet? - and apparently the answer was no! TBS' Are We There Yet? series has Terry Crews ( Everybody Hates Chris ' dad) stepping in as Nick. Ice Cube, however, will have a recurring role, and he'll be executive-producing the show as well. A June 2010 premiere is being eyed. TBS has experience in adapting films to series, having done so with Tyler Perry's House of Payne (spun off of the Madea movies) and Meet the Browns (based on the 2008 feature). Source Here