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'Are You The One?' Season 2 finale: Layton holds the key to the million bucks

It's been a long, arduous, drunken road for the cast members of "Are You The One?" Season 2. There's been jealousy, screaming matches, trips to the Boom Boom Room, shampoo in the pool, meltdowns and a lot of stupid, stupid decisions, which is why it was no surprise at all when Layton made one of the dumbest decisions ever in the last five minutes of the season finale. But, honestly, would you expect anything less from him? Monday (Dec. 8) night's finale of the reality show started out like any other: There was a weird challenge involving building a raft, which was then followed by a group date and a trip to the Truth Booth. This time, the group of singles finally managed to send Dario and Ashley into the Truth Booth, and, no shocker, they were confirmed as a perfect match. (Take that, Layton.) However, Layton's ego must have been majorly hurt -- after... //