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'Army Wives' Finale: Joan Retires, Says Goodbye

It was a farewell for fans as " Army Wives " had its season finale, and it was a farewell for Joan -- one of the show's last remaining original characters. After choosing to retire in support of her husband, she bid farewell to her friends. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Red Flags, New Love and a Farewell

Foul ball! I'm crying foul at " All or Nothing " because of the cheesy montage scenes we received courtesy of Gloria smack dab in the middle of our finale. What else happened? Let's check it out. This was, in essence, a pretty good season. The finale, while it tried to tie up loose ends, ended up cliche ridden in some places and it felt like the episode was longer than an hour. Not, unfortunately, in a good way. It wasn't all bad, so let's start with that and finish on a positive note. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Too Young To Save the World

The recently returned soldiers were getting reacquainted with home life while Denise hit San Mateo with Dr. Seaver to help earthquake victims on " Damaged ." Nobody really got out of the episode unscathed in some way. It was nice insight into Eddie's character to learn about what Ethan Green, who didn't make it back from Afghanistan, thought about him and how he looked up to him like a brother and a mentor.  Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Joan's Choice

We had another huge revelation in " Adjustment Period " and I think many of you are going to be completely shocked by it. First of all, nobody we know died on the battlefield, but a life is hanging in the balance by the end of the hour. Secondly, Joan's decision will break your hearts. Joan did exactly what I expected she would do, although I decided against making a prediction. The bigger surprise was that I didn't like the way Michael dismissed Joan as she attempted to explain her decision to retire to him. Of all people, with everything he has been through and lost, he should know decisions like hers are not made lightly. He started out with a family of four, and now has two. If someone had told him that a decision to retire from the Army would have given him his family back, would he have made it? Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Empty Pockets

We saw on " Reckoning " some pretty significant field scenes this week, and I think they will bring changes to the characters that will take a long time to settle. The ladies will look back on their party at Denise's and wish for the simple times once again. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Weak Reflections

Given the material that formed " Blood and Treasure " I wasn't nearly as moved by it as I would have expected. Even Michael's incredible welling of tears didn't fetch the same from me this week, and I think it was because the writing was all over the map. Jordan told Kat that her mom gets a look when General Holden's name comes up. Michael's face sure lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw her walking down the stairs and learned she'd be seated at his table at the charity dinner. Did I call it or what? Read More... //

'Army Wives': Brooke Shields Slightly More Likable

After a rather rough landing last week , Colonel Kat Young's tough exterior started to soften on " Army Wives " as more facets of her character were revealed. For one, she has a daughter who is about to graduate from the Air Force academy. For another, she had a husband. He died on September, 11, 2001. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Let It Ride

It was rather surprising that the Claudia Joy Foundation for the new park in her name was unable to reach it's financial goal, but that's what we learned in " Jackpot ." The ace in the hole? Holly as a math whiz could take them all to a casino and win the remainder of their money playing blackjack. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: The Icewoman Cometh

" Brace for Impact " must have been a reference for the one made by the arrival of Air Force Colonel Kat Young, played by Brooke Shields. Brace yourself was good advice because there was little to nothing to like about her. From the moment she arrived she was nothing but a pain in the ass. Of course, I'm sure there will be some side story coming down the pike that makes us like her (hello Jackie Clarke!), but for right now, she's going to be on my radar. Read More... //

Army Wives Review: Make Lemonade

The title may have been " Losing Battles " but our characters were really winning wars tonight, as each made great progress toward some pretty impressive goals. There was a lot of emotion happening with Denise as she remembered Claudia Joy, Maggie and Eddie as they realized they may lose Caroline and Joan in her continued battle to be a single mom. All around a top notch episode that harkens back to Army Wives Season 5 and earlier. Read More... //